Council meeting minutes Feb 20 2018

E-meeting due to the weather.

Online were Pastor Kevin, Geoff Hendren, Bill Grau, Drew Jaeger and Wayne Ludkey.

Pastor opened with a prayer

Pastors Report – all good, still catching up from Sabbatical. Several new elder visits due to more moving into homes. Lent service going well and new confirmation class started last week.

B&G: leak in a valve was discovered but seems ot be ok now. Sound system in need of replacing – Pastor to work on getting estimates.

Worship group met Sunday and planned out service going forward, Easter and Lent all planned and going well.

Youth were at JYG last weekend, no report back yet.

Finances are looking ok, with expenses staying down and income increasing nicely.

Social Media volunteer has been found. Sarah Miller will be taking over facebook and possibly the website.

Time and Talent sheet was reviewed – thanks to Kate P for updating. There is a schedule for this to be handed out and reviewed.

Next meeting March 20