Lord of the Lakes

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All are welcome. Anyone looking for friendship, peace, spirituality and a great place to share God’s word is welcome to worship.

~Wonderful Children’s Sermons~

Sunday Services

Worship at 8 am and 10 am

Youth and Sunday School  9 am

(during school year)

This week’s Gospel Matthew 24:36-44

Jesus is pretty clear in today’s reading that something is coming. He’s also clear that no one except God knows when that day will arrive. There is a good chance most people will be caught unaware. Jesus tells His disciples to stay awake- or perhaps a better way to say it- pay attention. Regardless of when God finally intervenes (again) in history, you should be ready today. There are some basics in our lives that shouldn’t change. Trust God because He doesn’t change. The Bible and History itself are filled with stories of God’s faithfulness to His people. Jesus is always our hope for this world and wants to be involved in our daily lives. Jesus isn’t distance and remote. He wants us to walk with Him daily in faith. And the power of prayer is real. Prayer connects us to God and sometimes God connects to others through us. So, pray at all times and in all circumstances. When we pray God works. Advent begins with the reminder that God is coming again. And that occasion will be wonderful for all who are in Christ!

Pastor Kevin

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