Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Notes                                                     May 19, 2020


Members Present:  Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Wayne Ludkey, Jeff Jahnke, Jan Olson, Gail Gardner, David Wein, Sarah Miller, John Penza, John Macho and Kristen Bjornstad.


Devotion:        Pastor Kevin (Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea)


Opening Prayer:  Pastor Kevin

Team Reports (only B & G  and Financial update as the other teams have not been meeting since March 2020)

 Buildings & Grounds: There is a recommendation to replace the furnace.  Jeff told Kate Pfaendtner to get at least 2 bids from contractors with similar scopes.  Jan noted that the current system has presented challenges for local contractors (MCM and Ryf).  Pastor Kevin added that Oshkosh Heating and Air did a very thorough analysis of the entire system.  Jeff would like to find the right company for the job and then decide which product best fits our needs (Oshkosh Heating and Air gave us two options in their estimate).  Pastor Kevin agreed that we need to find someone who understands the complicated system.  Wayne asked Gail if we currently have the [approximately] $5000.00 to do the furnace replacement.  Gail said she would need to check to see what was budgeted, but there is still $7500 that was set aside for emergencies.  In addition, there was a $22,000.00 gift that was given which is intended to, largely, be used for the youth, but a portion may be able to be used for the furnace.  Jeff was looking to give Kate the direction of obtaining 2 bids from commercial grade contractors with “Good, “ “Better,” and “Best” options for the work to be done.  David asked if we would want to get a 5-year type plan from the contractors.

Jeff made a motion to give the direction of “2 bids from commercial grade contractors; Good, Better  and Best options; 5-yr plan for system work.”  Wayne seconded.  All in favor.  Motion approved.

  1. Treasurer Report/Financial Notes: Gail said that the SBA/PPP loan the church applied for is not yet reflected in the bottom line of the P & L.  Every two weeks (for 8 weeks) we do need to send a report to the bank regarding how the money is being used (including a payroll report).  We are allowed to use 75% for salaries and health insurance.  25% may go to mortgage/rent and utilities.  The 8 week reporting period may get extended to 24 weeks.  After that, the amount of loan forgiveness will be determined.


Jeff opened by stating that we need to come up with a timeline and then put everything on the table.  At this point Jeff took notes and turned the meeting over to Jan Olson.  Jan attended a Lutheran church in Florida which remained open throughout the pandemic (with 99.9% of members over age 65), and she believes that we can open safely.  She gave everyone the information on the mobile hand sanitizer stations and recommended that we get 2.

John asked if there are any guidelines that the ELCA has given, and wonders if we truly have an option/choice to reopen.  Wayne said there is no hard and fast rule saying what we can/cannot do.  The ELCA did say that each church does need to stay within the guideline given by their respective states.  Jeff noted that the ELCA is there for advisory.  We need to figure out what our congregation wants.  Wayne added that they did say that we can do what we want, but we need to be responsible.  He said that they thought there may be issues with insurance if there would happen to be an outbreak.

David said that Oshkosh Corporation (where he works) is bringing people back at 50% capacity next week and they will be rotating the groups that are in the building at one time.

Pastor Kevin noted that the speakers in the gathering area are working now as well, so people can be seated out there for services if needed (in order to maintain the recommended spacing).

Wayne suggested that instead of looking at this in “large scope” that we just figure out what the next step is, and maybe the one after that.  Wayne also brought up the idea of the parking lot service and asked if we would want to look at that as an option.  Pastor Kevin said that he thinks that would go over well.  Wayne added that it will be a good bridge until we can officially reopen.  He can order the speaker/FM transmitter (it may be on backorder for a few weeks).

3 phase reopening plan being discussed…

Phase I

* Parking lot service

* Use FM Transmitter (do we need a sound guy to set it up, or can we tackle it?)

* Aim for 6/7/2020 start date

* Do we have communion

– what does it look like (individual communion kits?)

* Continue sending YouTube messages, but will want to look into doing the live stream option.  Sarah                                can help with this.

Phase II

* Bring people back inside the building

* Outside service

* Communion?

– what does it look like (individual kits vs table set up with wafers and individual cups

* Take reservations

* Limit number of people per service

* Increase number of services

* Need some new teams

– sanitation team

– communion team

* Aim for 7/5 start date

Phase III

* Our “New Normal”

* Aim for 8/2 start date

Kristen Bjornstad made a motion to order 2 mobile hand sanitizer stations and the alcohol sanitizer for use inside them.  Gail Gardner seconded.  All in favor.  Approved.  Jan will order these.  Jan will also order 1000 individual communion kits.

Jeff would like to have a new Time & Talents sheet sent out to the congregation to find out what they are willing to do (and any teams they may be willing to volunteer for) during/after the Covid-19 crisis.

Pastor Kevin will put a note in the Newsletter about the upcoming plan.  Example:  Parking lot service starting sometime in June for Phase I of reopening—watch for updates.

 Jeff wants us to think about the adjustments we will be making and which are temporary and which we will keep in place…


            Now (list adjustment)                                                                        Future (keep or remove)

            Phase II—switch to bulletin on video                                                Keep (no more paper waste)



Pastor Kevin informed the council that the youth drama group, Jubricosa, has asked to use the church building on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 4pm and some Fridays.  They cannot use the school this year as they have previously done.  This would be approximately 30 kids and 6-7 adults.  They assure Pastor Kevin that they will take precautionary measures and also clean up.  Pastor Kevin thinks that this is a good thing, but would want to make sure that they know we have the option to evaluate and make changes as the situation dictates.

Pastor Kevin will check with the church staff to see how they feel about having the group in the building while they are working.

John Penza made a motion to allow Jubricosa to come in and use the building as long as they have a detailed cleaning plan.  Jan Olson seconded.


John asked when the youth group will be allowed to get together?  This includes outside church activities.  Jeff said that usually the parents can use discretion and decide whether or not to allow their child to attend an activity.

There is concern about trying to limit the number of attendees since the youth group has gotten so large.  How do you tell someone that they cannot attend?  Social distancing among the youth will be even more of a challenge.

Pastor Kevin suggested having Amy get the Youth Team together within the next 2 weeks to discuss a plan.  Try to aim for mid-June for youth activities to resume.


Next Meeting:  5/27/2020