Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Notes           May 21, 2019

Members Present:  Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Jan Olson, David Wein, Sarah Miller, Jeff Jahnke, Geoff Hendren, Gail Gardner, John Penza, Wayne Ludkey and Kristen Bjornstad.

Devotion:        Pastor Kevin, Parable of hidden treasure & pearl.

Welcome new members!


Elect New Officers:   Treasurer—Gail Gardner

Secretary—Kristen Bjornstad

Vice President—Wayne Ludkey

President—Jeff Jahnke

Voted on these officers.  All passed.

Liasons for sub-committees:  We Care—Pastor Kevin

Buildings & Grounds—Jan Olson

Worship—Pastor Kevin

Youth—Kristen Bjornstad

Finance & Budget—Gail Gardner

Stewardship—Wayne Ludkey

Social Media—Sarah Miller

Team Reports

 Pastor’s Report:  Last month was very good.  Easter was included in there.  Concerning that there are a lot of people getting sick at once. 

Buildings & Grounds:  Successful spring clean-up with good turnout.  Parking lot to be done soon, but cost has gone up due to harsh winter.  Back door repair still in progress.  Weed patrol is being set up.  New maintenance person (Jon Fenrich) is working out very well.  Researching having him be involved with inspection of sprinkler system.

 Worship: Outdoor service/picnic still being discussed.  Pastor Kevin was asked to do the ecumenical service.

 Youth: Volunteers are doing a fantastic job.  Had the need to get another van for the mission trip.  Fundraising is going well.  Youth continue to attend youth group and are excited.

The interview process is beginning again for the new Youth Director position.  Wayne asked about ELCA money that is set aside for youth and if any of that is available to help with our needs.  Pastor Kevin said that is worth looking into.

Finances: We have started the 9-month transition period before switching to calendar year.

The Operating Budget Total Net Profit YTD as of April 2019 FYE            $2787

The Operating Budget Total Net Profit for Month of April 2019               $2787

There was actually a budgeted loss YTD ($1658), but the Actual Profit YTD is $2787.

Stewardship: New stewardship campaign beginning.  Pastor Kevin and Wayne Ludkey attending meeting at Synod office on 5/29 for instructions.  Committee being assembled.  Currently have 5 members.  Will try to get some non-council members on committee.  Giving is still down compared to previous years.

Social Media: Web page is being updated so that information is accurate.  Sarah is working to keep the LOL Facebook page updated as well.  Separate groups are being created on Facebook (members need to “join” these groups to get updates.  New Women’s Ministry is being used to test this.

Life and Fellowship: Ecumenical golf outing will be August 18, 2019.

We Care:

 Other Business

 Assessment of Easter Breakfast was put together.  Hand out was given to all council members.  Please read for discussion at next council meeting.

Council is working at Thrift on June 1st from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Geoff Hendren is coordinating.  Let him know if you can make it.

Council to be installed on 5/26 (later changed to June 9).

New Business

 Kitchen Changes: Request was made to get rid of the dishwasher (largely unused) and replace it with a good convection oven.  Jan is checking on what is needed to remove the dishwasher.  There are issues that need to be addressed to make sure it is done correctly.  There was also a request made for a commercial grill.  There may be more things that would need to be done in order to meet “code” than LOL is able to do.  Would need to research.

           Constitution:  Jan would like us to relook at the church’s constitution to make sure that it accurately reflects the way things are being done.  Need to look at when the last update was done.

 Closing Prayer:  Pastor Kevin

Next Meeting:  June 18, 2019

 Devotion for June:  Jeff Jahnke