Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting May 15th 2018

Present:  Pastor Kevin, Drew Jaeger, Joe Groholski , Gail Gardner, Kari Nigl

Opening prayer by Pastor Kevin

Pastor’s Report – Good month for the church.  Father is on hospice.

Buildings and Grounds – We need a new industrial style compressor for the sprinkler system, that also needs to be hard-wired.  A slow air leak in the system is being looked into by US Fire Alliance.  There is an underground conduit that leads to the condensing unit, on the southwest end of the building that does not meet code.  Joe will check into it.    Men’s Group will be pouring a new patio/concrete slab, thanks to an anonymous donor.  Joe is recommending it be anchored to the existing foundation to prevent shifting.

Worship – Team met a few weeks ago.  Summer was planned.  Due to the bridge construction, our annual Church Picnic will be held at our church on July 15th.

Annual meeting is this Sunday at 1100.  All Council members please try to attend, and sign up for the potluck.

Youth – They are getting ready for their annual Mission trip Minneapolis.

Finances/Budget – (+) $4679 for the month of April.  See Gail’s report for more details.  In May we received a $1000 Script check.  The new budget has a (-) $1837 loss; that includes paying extra $17,000 to principle and additional $7000 to the ELCA if budget allows at the end of the year.   Mortgage balance is down to $955,604 after April payment.   We gave $33,383 additional benevolences this past year, which has gone up considerably over the years.  Verified that money from Easter breakfast goes to the music department ($336).

Stewardship – Nothing different at this time.  Continue to mention the e-giving.

Old Business –

Sunday School program met last month and there will be some changes coming.  Younger kids will continue to be lead by Sarah Walsh.  3-5th grades will be led by Tammy Vogel Fox with a new curriculum, and Courtney will lead 6-8th grades.  All grades will come together once per month to perform skits for the congregation.  Future meeting at Beth Sommer’s house to discuss further details.

Endowment Update – Geoff to plan a meeting for next month.

New Business –

Security Cameras – This is something Wayne and Joe will look into in the future.

Facebook Page – Wayne wrote a statement to allow church sponsored events only.  Thank you Wayne for working closely with Sarah Miller.  It is exciting to see our presence on social media.

Council liaison meetings – Reminder to current council members and the committees they help represent:  Ken youth, Pastor Kevin worship, Gail business, Joe B&G

Kari will take notes at the Annual meeting. Next meeting:  June 19th. Devotion for next meeting – Drew. Closing prayer by Pastor Kevin.