Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes, November 14, 2017

Neil opened meeting at 6:37 P.M.    The following were present:  Neil Bjornstad, Warren Winter, Dennis Cartwright, Daryl Ramlow, Bill Grau  & Betts Nikolai

Monthly Maintenance:    Next Quarterly Inspection due in December.

New Business:

  • Neil noticed tonight that two of the toilets in the men’s bathroom plugged again. He will check with Tim and see if there was any feedback from SBS on the issues with the plugging.
  • Outside spigots need to be shut off. Warren to take care of this.
  • Check to make sure there is extra Salt in shed to take care of salting sidewalks. Betts did check and there is a bucket and bag in the chest in the foyer area.
  • Per Neil there was a problem with the controller in the Classroom that is used for Yoga. Daryl mentioned that  Ryf was here because Jill had no heat in the office.  Neil to touch base with Tim/ Jill  to see if problems have been resolved.
  • Jill had sent note to B & G regarding purchase of new Vacuum Cleaner next year. Betts to talk to Darlene regarding issues.
  • Jill also sent note regarding Keyes. She wondered if she should order another master key. Geoff Hendren suggested sending a letter out to everyone who has a key and asking them to return the key if they are not using.  Neil will talk to Jill regarding the letter and tell her that she can order another key.
  • Per Daryl there is a hot water circulating pump located in basement that is making noise. It may start to go out.  Daryl did check and it is working.
  • Daryl also brought up a Safety Issue. People are storing things in front of the Electrical Panel & Alarm panels.  By code everything is suppose to be 4-5 feet away. Daryl suggest hanging a sign on a chain so people see it.
  • Dennis suggested that we have some type of a Safety plan in place with the Violence that has been taking place in Churches and our World. He suggested that the Ushers be instructed to sit in the back of the Church, and that 2 of them be instructed to sit so they can see out into the gathering area.  Discussion ensued.  It was suggested that this issue be brought to the attention of Council.  Bill will take to Council.

HVAC:   No new updates at this point.

LED Lighting Upgrades:  Daryl has started on Phase 1  He has all the bulbs here.  He is at the point where he needs a lift.  Next phase will take approximately  $1900.00 – $2000.00  There will be less money coming on Rebate from Focus on Energy.

  • Daryl will leave information for Maintenance.
  • It was decided that we would wait till Phase 2 and rent the lift for one time.
  • Light out in parking lot to be taken care of when lift is here.
  • Neil to check with his Company to see if there is a possibility of using there Lift and Trailer.
  • Check with Cindy Hendren to see when deadline is for requesting funds for Phase 2.

Old Business: 

  • Raised Garden Bed was disassembled and cleaned up.
  • Fire Pit area looks great. Boy Scouts cleaned area up and redid.  Zillges Materials donated material to finish up.
  • Tom Zillges did make contact with Charles Ingles and he will continue taking care of the Snow Shoveling.
  • Stakes for Snow Plowing were place by Lou Zwicky.
  • New Hot Water Heater (in basement) was installed on 10/19/2017 by SBS Plumbing. Neil did check the one in the closet on main floor, everything looks good, area is dry. Since they were installed at around the same time, we can probably expect that one to go at any time.
  • Grease Pit inspection took place on 10/19/2017. Neil did have conversation with Tim on grate. It is not rusted through.  It was decided when we do next yearly check to pull grate out and measure and have a fab shop make one for us.
  • Rusty door frame on East side of   Neil to check with Tim on status.
  • The computer downstairs have had hard drives destroyed. Need to be recycled.  Tim will look into.   Neil to check with Tim on status
  • Neil to reach out to Council on our Budget to see where we are at currently.
  • Bill Grau did take suggestion to Council in regard to selling Snow Blower. They gave the ok. It was pulled out and had some issues with the primer.  Had repaired, cleaned up and was sold at the Fall Fund Raiser.    Thank you to all who helped get it ready for sale.
  • Tim to swap out motors on Roof Exhauster so the one above the Kitchen is working. Tim to keep us posted on status.

Next B & G Meeting is Tuesday, December 12  , 2017 @ 6:30.    Meeting adjourned at  7:48 P.M.

Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai