Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2017

 Neil opened meeting at 6:30 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Tom Zillges, Warren Winter, Lou Zwicky, Joe Groholski, & Betts Nikolai

Maintenance Tasks for April:

  • Furnace Filters to be changed. Warren to take care of.
  • Kitchen Disposal to be cleaned…. Betts to check with Darlene to see if she can do this on a weekly/monthly basis.


  • No new status update from Terry.

Lighting Updates:

  • Daryl R. with the help of Warren did replace canopy lights with LED Lights.

LED Lighting Upgrades:

  • Neil to get letter to Cindy Hendren with explanation of upgrade for funding from Thrift.

New Business:

  • Electric door key striker repairs. Neil looked at and needs to pick up part from Grangers and install.
  • Betts to talk to Darlene on Kitchen disposal and ask her to do maintenance on disposal on Weekly/Monthly basis depending on needs.
  • Vendor Contact List updated and given back to Jill. Added a couple new vendors and listed them in order of contact.
  • Neil to contact Derek Schaeffer (SBS) regarding Men’s bathroom toilet (non-handicapped stall). Need to get quote on possible replacement.
  • Email from Geoff Hendren regarding Shingles missing on roof. This will be addressed at Spring Cleaning.
  • Email from Jill regarding quote for lawn care. Neil will contact Jerry to see where we stand with him.  At this point he provides the service at a lower cost than the quote we received.  Will be determined then.
  • Joe G. to get report for Annual Meeting
  • Add Fire Extinquisher Inspection to Maintenance Schedule  (Last done August of 2016)
  • Add Inspection done by Winneconne/Poygan Fire Department. (Yearly   Spring)
  • Talk to Pastor Kevin in regard to Bulletins. Need a larger/taller recycle receptacle.  Some of our Elderly members have a hard time bending over to place them in current receptacle.  Also brought up maybe encourage members to take home.

Tasks Completed Since last meeting:

  • New hole drilled in concrete for storage shed door.
  • Snow stakes removed.

Old Business: 

  • Maintenance Position… Waiting to hear from Council
  • Spring Clean-up date changed from Sunday, May 21 to Sunday May 7th as the 21st is Annual Meeting. Betts not able to be there.  Jenni G. will handle picking up groceries for lunch and getting set up.
  • Roof Exhauster Air Handler & equipment Inspection to be done at Spring Cleaning. (check belts)
  • Contracts & Pricing on Garbage /Recycle completed by Lou. Our bill was cut in half!! Thank you Lou for taking this on.

 Next B & G Meeting is  Tuesday, May 9 , 2017 @ 6:30.    (last meeting before Summer Recess)

Meeting adjourned at  6:44 P.M. Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai