Lord of the Lakes Council, November 15, 2016

Attendance:  Terry Korus, Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Ken Mueller, Drew Jaeger, Kerry Arent, Joe Groholski

Pastor opened the meeting with a prayer.  Joe Groholski shared a devotion.


Team Reports

Pastor’s Report

  • Pastor Kevin updated us on his month. Our financials are looking better, although we’re not “out of the woods”, that takes some worry off of day-to-day cash flow.

Building & Grounds

  • Joe updated on Building & Grounds. The periodic fire inspections report has been received.  There are no violations noted.  6 fall clean-up was successful.  There is a tree between the building and sidewalk that will need to be moved in spring.  The HVAC system may have a thermostat issue in the sanctuary.  A work around has been figured out until a permanent fix can be investigated and budgeted for.

Worship:  No meeting.


  • There are 25 kids participating in the youth group this year… that’s an exciting problem to have!  Courtney is adjusting the activities accordingly.
  • Time and talent sheets were sent out to the youth and they are very excited to take a larger role iin participating in church services.


  • We received some special one-time gifts in October which has helped improve the gap in giving. It is too early to tell if on-going gifts will keep us were we need to be.  We budgeted for a ($11,486) Loss YTD and our Actual Loss YTD is now ($4,423).
  • We will ask congregation members in early January for ‘intended giving’ for the 2017 year so we can better plan for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
  • Mortgage Update – We are tentatively approved for a 3.75% mortgage with a new credit union. A $10,000 line of credit for one year will be provided.  The interest savings must build a reserve account of $25,000 that can be used for major building repairs.  We will move forward with finalizing the loan.


  • The next wave of communications on year-to-date revenue will be via the weekly bulletins in church and the December newsletter. A special communication will be done after the mortgage refinance is done.

Old Business

  • Options for an adult mission trip are being explored.

New Business:  No new business.

Pastor Kevin closed the meeting with a prayer.

Next meeting January 17, 2017 – The financial report and pastor’s report will be sent via email in December.  If we need a special December meeting, it will be held via email.