Lord of the Lakes Council, October 18, 2016

Attendance:  Geoff Hendren, Terry Korus, Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Gail Gardner, Ken Mueller, Drew Jaeger, Kari Nigl, Kerry Arent, Joe Groholski

Kari Nigl shared a devotion.  Pastor opened the meeting with a prayer.

Team Reports:

Pastor’s Report

  • Pastor Kevin updated us on his month.

Building & Grounds

  • Joe updated on Building & Grounds. The periodic fire inspections have been completed.  6 is fall clean up Sunday after the 10:00 service.  The HVAC system bugs seem to be resolved now.  Neil will be the back up to Terry on the computer side of the HVAC system.  To help manage cost, the decision has been made to delay hiring a maintenance person.


  • DIG is underway. The group is getting ready for Christmas and Advent.  Special decorations are planned for this year.  The Fun Festival was Saturday with approximately 140 attending. People had fun and stuck around!  Approximately $5,000 was raised.


  •  Ken reported that Kansas City will be the 2017 mission trip destination.


  • We did budget for a ($9,845) Loss YTD and our Actual Loss YTD is ($9,841).


  • Mortgage Update – Terry Korus is working on refinancing the church mortgage. We are approved for a 3.75% mortgage with a new credit union.  This comes with restrictions that still need further negotiation.


  • The annual giving update letter was sent last week. Regular giving is about $11,000 behind the fiscal budgeted amount.  Gail will take a closer look at where the gap is coming from.  The Council will then discuss results via email.

Old Business

  • Kerry participated in the ELCA webinar regarding the Dec. 1 Fair Labor Standards Act changes.

New Business

  • No new business.

Pastor Kevin closed the meeting with a prayer. Joe will have the devotion for the November meeting.

Next meeting November 15, 2016 – Terry will chair the November meeting in Geoff’s absence.  Kerry will take minutes for the November meeting in Linda’s absence.