PRESENT:  Rick Pierre, Dave Smolinski, Ben Manning, Lou Zwicky, Brad Gasper, Jan Olson; Guest – Rhonda Bricco

Rick opened the meeting with a prayer at 6:35.

The Team welcomed Ben as our new Team Leader.  Jan asked everyone to introduce themselves and state any areas of expertise, experience, and special interest re: B&G.  Jan also stated that Daryl, Betts, and Tom were unable to make it in way of introducing all team members to Ben.

Ben took over the meeting and we worked thru agenda items. 

Basement Partitions: He asked Brad to start with Basement partitions so Rhonda could be involved and then wishes to leave.  Brad described what he has in mind at this point:  using Peg Board sheets attached to 2x4s and each wall/section are on wheels and can be moved if needed.  The size would follow the east/west seams in the concrete with a total of 4 sections on the west wall and be approx.

 6 Ft height.  Jan asked if there would be a section for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and we could use a section for Youth.  Brad believes the Peg board is less expensive, lighter weight, and one could hang things on the walls.  Even with that, he feels the cost of supplies will be about 2-3 times what it was prior to Covid.  It was left that Brad will get a cost estimate back to Ben and/or Jan so we can make a determination if to move forward.

Shelving Units:  Rhonda states metal shelving units will serve them the best.  She will talk with the Scout Troop Treasurer and research cost for what will best meet their needs.  Brad agreed that may work best and mentioned units at Sam’s Club or Cosco will be the best price.  Ben is also familiar with shelves from various sources.  All 3 will begin research.  Cost estimates should be sent to Ben and/or Jan and feasibility of purchase will be determined – it has previously been approved to split costs 50:50 (LOL and Scouts) by Council. 

Other Scout items:  1.  Alex and the Troop are planning on keeping up maintenance of and around the Fire Pit for the summer; 2. They are having a plaque made to display names of Scouts who have attained Eagle status and would like to be able to put them on the wall around their display case.  There ultimately may be 2-3 plaques.  This Team sees no reason to not allow that but Jan will check with Pr Kevin and Judy (who does décor) and get back to Rhonda; 3. Ben offered a couple pails of frozen cookie dough to the Scouts.  A ‘Water Walk’ event is planned to sasupport Simple Hope with help from Youth and perhaps it could be used for that.  Rhonda will talk to Amy.  Thank you, Ben for that donation.  4. Jan suggested it sounds like the Troop has done a lot of service projects in spite of Covid and asked if they could put an article in our Newsletter in the future.  It shows the congregation they are busy and what LOL’s sponsorship as done. 

Brad’s Report:  1. The routine quarterly and yearly maintenance duties have been kept up.  He needs to catch up on the paperwork part.  No issues.  He does a weekly walk-through of the building.  2. Daryl had purchased a motor for the fan for both bathrooms (not wired right now) and he and Daryl will install that as time allows.  3.  He has a pump and will try that to continue to get the sludge and consequent odor out of the water heater.  If still unable to resolve, will call the vendor who installed (we think Kascade Plumbing) to see if they can suggest or help with that issue.  Part of this is from lack of use.  4. Question was asked if the new Air Conditioning Units will automatically go on when needed or Oshkosh H&A has to do anything.  No one knew – Jan will call Kate as she had the most contact with that company.

Alter Railings:  Pastor is starting to use more Lay Readers, etc. and has asked for status of that.  Brad is working with a friend who works with metal and will build and install what Brad thinks will work best. This person’s labor will be a donation and we will pay for the supplies and metal.

Oak Tree: Jan reported per Tom who had worked with a Horticologist/company from Appleton who came out in March, trimmed the tree, and with inspection said the tree was in reasonably good condition.  He is suggesting we consider putting a cable around it in 2-3 years to keep it from splitting off.  A donation paid for the cost of doing this and we likely should have him looking at it yearly.

Sign on Highway:  There has been some members who feel that should be upgraded and there has been talk of starting a fund raiser to do that.  Jan suggested we look at pressure washing it.  The concrete appears to be quite pitted.  Brad will look into that – means running water and electricity out there.  Jan re-distributed the quote from Appleton Sign that Tom had obtained in Oct. 2018.  Ben will call Jason at that company to update the quote as it likely has increased (hopefully not significantly).  Jan will check with Joe Groholski who at that time was getting a quote from a second company as with this much of a price point, we should be putting it out for bids. 

Lawn Care:  Tom had called Jerry Clark, our mower, who will be mowing again this season and his price is the same.  It was left that he will automatically do it every year and let us know if he is not or there is a cost adjustment.  No one is aware of contact with Green Bosz for weed and feed of lawn this season.  Ben will call to check that out.

Mailbox:  problem with rain leakage and soaked mail as well as mildew in box.  Brad has looked at it and feels best solution is to clean it up, do some adjustment to the sides and calk it and he will do that.

Weed Patrol: for around pond and landscaped areas.  Bev Raatjes has coordinated volunteer members the last couple years.  She is gone right now but Jan has left a message for her to call soon after she gets back.  Rick volunteered to do around the pond again, likely with help from Dave Klemp.  Discussed the scum that gets on it and suggested we should look at a) an aerator (unknown if there’s electricity near pond), or b) purchasing Bluing compound to color the water to cut down on weed growth.  No action taken at this time.

SPRING CLEAN-UP:  Set for May 2nd and Jan will ask office to post sign-up.   Still researching what projects all need to be done but we think outside work and basement clean-up will be the major part of it. Could be pressure washing that sign when Brad will have help.  In combination Jan and Amy are working on the feasibility of having a Rummage Sale on May 14-15 (same weekend as Village wide Rummage Sale) and selling things like the old blue chairs and some of the donated things for Youth that are not usable.  Proceeds would go to either the Mission Trip or the cost of the partitions/shelving units in the basement. 

Garbage PickUp Status:  Per Lou we are still under contract till March 2022.  We need to do the research before then to give adequate notice to the present company if we do change.  We need to keep that date in mind.  To anyone’s knowledge, we are not having a problem with the present company but their cost has steadily increased.

Next Meeting:  May 11th works with Ben’s work schedule so that is planned.  Will re-address need to meet in summer but likely we will try to do email communication instead.

 Meeting closed at 7:40.                                  Jan Olson, Secretary