PRESENT:  Kate Pfaendtner, Brad Gasper, Warren Winter, Tom Zillges, Dave Smolinski, Betts Nikolai,

Jan Olson, Rick Pierre

Kate opened meeting with a prayer.  Minutes from March 14 (last time we met in person) were reviewed and approved.


  • We are under budget on outside category but over budget on inside. Likely that happened because paint was purchased for various projects – dishwasher was sold and was to have offset that but that is not indicated on statement.
  • The Gary Gardner Mulch Fund was used up on the Mulch used this season. However, no one recalls actually getting more mulch this year and unknown who ordered and distributed it. Kate will follow-up on it.


  • Alarm System Repairs: the issues appear to be re: a change in our computer-phone system.  Per Brad, he has not had a call all summer and feels problem is resolved.
  • Roof Update: We incurred significant wind damage in a June 2nd wind storm and are at risk for leaking in d/t multiple areas of lifted shingles.  Kate and Brad have worked with ARC to do the replacement who in turn contacted our insurance carrier – Aquity.  The Rep has been resistant to phone calls but finally a meeting has been set up and hopefully they will approve project for a cost of approximately $93,000.
  • Subdivision Communication on Lot 13: Unsure a scheduled meeting in March actually occurred and what the outcome/impact for us is.  Kate will Follow-Up.
  • HVAC: All 6 furnaces (3 off Narthex & 3 in basement) have reached their life expectancy and we have one upstairs that has to be replaced before using d/t a cracked heat exchanger. Council asked we get 3 bids from Commercial companies and B&G make a recommendation back to Council.


—- GRP Mechanical in Omro with a Carrier product; recommending replacement over a 3 year time-frame.  Well known product but had an especially difficult time getting them to communicate and is approximately $7,000 per furnace higher than the second Vendor

–Oshkosh Heating & Air with an Armstrong product, less expensive and was much more attentive to our needs, Brad found them very good to work with.  However, the group feels we need to research the Armstrong product as no one is familiar with it.

Dave suggested Central Heating out of Neenah as our 3rd bid.  He is familiar with them from his job, feels they do quality work and they have a Commercial arm.  He will contact them and ask for a week turn-around in information, since we need to make a recommendation to Council at their next meeting on 9/15.

HVAC continued:  At this point the group agreed our recommendation is we need to continue to research companies and product but need to do it on a timely basis as we move into colder season.  We will be recommending we replace the 3 furnaces off the narthex at the same time.

  • Trash & Recycling: there is a new local company, Harter’s with a fee of $122/month compared to our longtime vendor – Advance Disposal at $133/month.  To our knowledge we have had no problem and decided to continue with Advance.
  • Snow Removal & Staking: a suggestion came from a member and Lou usually handles that.  Kate will connect the two.
  • Building Security: A couple members have suggested we deadbolt the two west doors (from Sanctuary and kitchen) as they don’t latch well and have been left not secured. Brad feels it is not a huge problem and all our doors are at risk of doing that, depending on the wind on any given day.  He will take a closer look.  Brad does do a weekly walk through our building and that is one of the things he routinely checks.
  • Fall cleaning and Landscaping: Rick has found 3 dead trees on the north side of our lot.  Not very large trees and Rick, Dave, and Brad will take them out.  It was suggested we put a notice for members for a special ‘tree donation’ to replace them perhaps in Spring.  It was mentioned that the large Oak tree also needs trimming.

Fall cleaning:  decided we will do outside only since inside has been disinfected and not used that much since.  Betts will talk with Beverly and FU with setting that up.


  • Alter Handrails: yet to be worked on; has not been a priority since really not needed in present mode of Services (little or no movement by attendees).
  • Outbuilding Repairs: Brad did a better job of bracing the roof by shoring up the header over the larger door as well as putting chains on doors so they do not ‘over swing’ open in the wind.  Working on hinge/metal stakes to make easier to secure.
  • Boy Scout storage area in basement: working on getting supplies.  B&G strongly encouraged Brad to use Boy Scouts to carry supplies down and help in any way appropriate.  Boy Scouts have a fund and they should pay for supplies.  Betts will act as communication conduit with Rhonda Bricco.
  • Water Heater: due to ongoing periodic foul odor in kitchen, Brad determined it was coming from the water heater.  After attempting to flush it with much difficulty, he found it was blocked by a large amt of sludge.  It has been thoroughly flushed and cleaned which likely had never been done before.  Needs to be added to Maintenance Schedule to be done at minimum yearly.
  • Appreciation: B&G Team really thanks Brad for all his diligence and investigation of the extra things with our building and grounds as well as doing a great job keeping up with routine work.

ELECTRICAL SYTEMS:  Daryl not here but it is believed he continues to do lots of work with changing out electrical wires and systems to bring them up to code.

ADDITION VS. BASEMENT REMODEL:  no data available but Kate feels the basement is not appropriate and is very expensive compared to a building addition.  This was relative to a Youth Group of about 50 kids. This issue will be re-addressed in another month or two when we know if Youth will come back that strong after Covid restrictions are behind us.

MISC:  Kate had sent an Energy Report which indicates we spend about $1,000/month for heat and electricity.  Hopefully a change in our furnaces will reduce that.  Everyone should take a close look at that report.

There have been questions of why the beautiful glass cross was placed where it is in the Sanctuary.  Rationale:  needed steel beams to support it d/t weight and location was determined by Pr Kevin and Marie Lesnick, donator for Jim’s Memorial.  It is felt it is not real noticeable.  We will put an explanation in the Newsletter and a blurb about it and it’s meaning.

It is mentioned that miscellaneous things like touch-up painting, ordering mulch, etc. need to okayed with B&G.  People should be going thru Kate.  Perhaps a communication in the next Newsletter.

PAINTING:  Amy Penza has been readying the SS rooms and is in process of painting the 3 rooms. While not quite done, she is doing an excellent job and has chosen ‘up beat’ colors.

The kitchen should be re-painted; Ed Veith will be asked when he has time.

Submitted, Jan Olson, Secretary of B&G

Meeting closed at 7:45. Next meeting October 13 at 6:30.