Lord of the Lakes Church

Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Kate Pfandtner opened meeting with Prayer at 6:33 P.M.  The following were present: Kate Pfaendtner, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow, Rick Pierre, Lou Zwicky, Dave Smolinski, Ben Manning, & Betts Nikolai.   Agendas were handed out.

General Monthly Maintenance:

  • Brad unable to attend meeting so no update on Monthly Maintenance.



  • Hallway has been completed. Thank You Ray Zegers.
  • It was brought to the attention of the Team that the Kitchen desperately needs painting. Brad will handle this… check with him on timing.


Old Business:  

  1. Back Door: New Back door installed by Albright.  Pastor Kevin noticed was leaking and talked with Tom Z about it.   Tom did get in touch with Brad and this was addressed.  Door does need to be painted, and this will be completed by Ray Z. / Brad.

Brad will take care of repairing the wall in the area by the door.

  1. Coffee Maker: Several comments, some positive, some negative.  Line gets to long with food by the kitchen window.  Suggested that we move food on counter where the coffee is. 
  2. Carpet Cleaner: No new update from Betts/ John.   Betts did check out online on the dry carpet cleaner.  We have a Host machine and not able to get the dry cleaning material that goes with the machine.  There is another product called Capture…wondered if we could possible use that with the machine.
  3. Sancturay Ceiling: Kate has been trying to get in touch with a Acoustic Painting Specialist.  Has attempted to make contact with Miron Construction.  Ben Manning suggested contacting the Grand,  & PAC to see if they could give any imput/recommendations.
  4. Electrical System Update: Per Daryl R.  many issues.  All from the time the building was constructed.  No one to go back on.  ALL LED LIGHTS WERE COMPLETED 2019.
  5. Fiber Optic Cable (Request by Pastor Kevin)  Need to check with Neil B. on Blue Tooth option.
  6. Quotes for deferred Maintenance & Replacement:
  • HVAC (furnace replacement) Brad
  • Electrical Daryl
  • Addition or Basement Remodel Kate

Ben Manning Joined our meeting to give the Team some information on Egress Window if we would do basement remodel.  It was then brought up if using the basement was the route we decided to proceed with, would we need an elevator.  It was decided we need to get that information before we could make a decision on remodel, stick building, pre-fab. 


New Business:

  • New Railings: It was brought to the attention of our Team that we should look into having some railings installed on the steps leading up to the altar. (Safety Issue)  This would be to aid people who are doing the readings & serving communion.  The team agreed unanimously that railing should be installed off to the side.  Recommendation will be sent to Council.   NOTE:  Per Daryl we will need to anchor into concrete and before drilling we need to locate conduit.
  • Sound System: The sound system is failing.   Met with Vendor on Friday, 01/10/20.

They will be getting back to us with recommendations.

  • Spring Cleaning: Possible dates:   Sunday April 26th or Sunday May 3rd. Need to check Church Calendar to make sure the Church is not  being used.   It would take place after 2nd 

Meeting Adjourned 7:36 PM


Next B & G Meeting is Tuesday,  February 11, 2020 @ 6:30 P.M.

Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikola