Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Notes           September 17, 2019


Members Present:  Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Jan Olson, Sarah Miller, Jeff Jahnke, Gail Gardner, Geoff Hendren, Wayne Ludkey, David Wein, John Penza and Kristen Bjornstad.


Devotion:        John Penza (The Tenacious Sinner)


Devotion next month:  Sarah Miller (October), David Wein (November)


Opening Prayer:  John  Penza


Approval of May Minutes:  Motion to approve made by David Wein.  John Penza seconded.  Approved.


Treasurers Report

            We had a loss for the month of August.  Regular giving is down, but our expenses have been lower as



            The Operating Budget Total Net Profit YTD as of August 2019 FYE          $2,461

            The Operating Budget Total Net Loss for Month of August 2019               ($1,910)


Gail noted that the net profit YTD is still on the positive side, but we did not have a youth director or

a maintenance person for some of that time.  Otherwise it would have probably been negative.    


Gail also noted that all committees have been really good with their budgets.

            No questions on Financial Report.  Geoff Hendren made a motion to approve.  Jan Olson seconded.              Approved


            Gail advised council that the annual budget discussion/review will be started the week of 9/23.


            Jeff added that since we are now in the transition from Fiscal Year to Calendar Year, he would like to             get a budget/financial update out to the congregation (approximately November).


Stewardship Campaign


            Wayne said that the financial update could be covered in the stewardship campaign.  Right now we are             looking at a deficit for next year.  “Appeal Sunday” for the stewardship campaign is scheduled for             November 17, 2019 (when the congregation turns in their pledge cards).


            Gail added that the deficit could be higher than projected because we are estimating at this point.  We             won’t have concrete numbers until December or January.  Budget requests have already been sent out to         all committees.


            Jeff said that he still wants to give the congregation a “snapshot” of where we are (in November) as we       head into the calendar year.  Geoff added that if this is done, the congregation needs to be aware that this      is only a projection and that the actual numbers will be different.


            Wayne noted that the stewardship committee will be making presentations to different groups and at             select meetings before November 17th  (these are the Focus Groups).


            Geoff thinks that we should keep the budget information included in the stewardship campaign.  Gail             added that we will still have the Annual meeting in February and we will have accurate information at             that time.


            Pastor Kevin said that the February 23, 2020 is the date we currently have planned for the Annual             Meeting.


            Wayne advised that they are getting ready to print brochures for the Stewardship Campaign, and there             was a question about the official church logo. Pastor is going to follow up with Jill Templin to see where the boat with cross logo came from and if there are any copyright issues that need to be addressed.             [Later confirmed that Randy Korus created the logo for LOL, so there are no copyright concerns]


Team Reports


  1. Pastor’s Report & Worship Committee:  Pastor’s report is attached.  Worship Committee did not meet this month.

      Jan asked why attendance might be going down?  Pastor confirmed that August is always a fickle         month and that he feels like attendance is increasing this month.


  1. Buildings & Grounds: See attached Team Reports file.  Wayne added that Kate Pfaendtner will now be leading the B & G group.  Thank you Kate!


  1. Youth: Youth Team will resume meeting in October 2019.  Geoff noted that there is a transition team in place to assist Amy with any questions/concerns.  John said that he had a parent approach him and tell him that she was ecstatic because her kids now want to come to youth group/church.


  1. Stewardship: See Above


  1. Social Media: See attached Team Reports file.  Sarah and Wayne have a meeting set up with someone local to see if he would be interested in taking over the LOL website design/maintenance.


  1. Life and Fellowship: See attached Team Reports file.  Wayne noted that there were only 34 responses.  He thinks we should send it out again.  Jeff also asked Sarah to put together an annual calendar of the things that are being planned—especially the things that happen every year (like the golf outing).


  1. We Care: Pastor is continuing classes along with Drew Jaeger and they have their next team meeting on October 16, 2019.  He also noted that a few new people have joined the team.  November 2, 2019 will be an all-day training session for the team.  They are trying to plan [quarterly] events.



Old Business


            Brokerage Account—Jeff Jahnke would like to set up a LOL Brokerage account so that if someone             gifts stock to the church, it can go into one account at a local bank we already have an account at             (instead of having all different advisors).  The council President, VP, and treasurers would be the signers             on the account.

                        Wayne made a motion that Jeff Jahnke set up this brokerage account

                        Kristen Bjornstad seconded.  Approved.


            Constitution Revisit:  Jeff and Jan will set up a time to meet on the church constitution (to revisit and             have a guide for the future).


            Sound System:  Ryan Miller has been trying to find time to look into the sound system issues.  Sarah             said that he can get to it in January and give an update in February 2020.   


            Employees on Council:  Jeff wanted to know what the group thinks about employees of the church             serving on council.  Pastor Kevin believes that having separation of these two is good.  Jan suggested             putting guidelines into the constitution that require an employee (or spouse of an employee) to abstain             from voting on issues in their area/spouses area.  Jeff feels that and employee of the church should not             serve on council, but their spouse would be OK (with voting limitations).


            Jeff made a motion that an employee of the church may not serve on council.

            David Wein amended the motion to add that the spouse of an employee may serve on council, but may             not vote on matters of employment or wage in the area that pertains to their spouse.

            John Penza seconded. 

            Approved (unanimous)


New Business


            Council Retreat:  Saturday, October 19, 2019.  9 a.m. at Brennand Airport in Neenah.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by Wayne Ludkey.  Geoff Hendren Seconded.


Closing Prayer:  Pastor Kevin


Next Meeting:  10/15/2019