Council meeting minutes June 19, 2018

Present were Pastor Kevin, Geoff Hendren, Drew Jaeger, Wayne Ludkey. Joe Groholski, Kristen Bjornstad, Jeff Jahnke, Sarah Miller, Ken Mueller

Pastor opened with a prayer

Officers elected as follows:

President Geoff Hendren, VP Joe Groholski, Secretary Drew Jaeger

Liason to committees:

Youth Kristen, B&G Joe and Ken, Marketing Social media – Sarah Miller and Wayne

Stewardship – Wayne

B&G Jan Olson taking over as secretary. Thanks to Betts for all her hard work

Worship- Church picnic July 15

Finances are looking ok, with expenses staying down and income increasing nicely.

Endowment Fund discussion continues –  Jeff and Wayne to look at options

Mens group, BetterMENt, requested money for the patio project and it was approved

Next meeting July 17