Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting April 17th 2018
Present: Neil, Gail Gardner, Kate Pfaendtner, Pastor Kevin, Drew Jaeger, Wayne Ludkey, Joe Groholski , Kari Nigl, Geoff Hendren
Opening prayer by Pastor Kevin
Devotion by Kari
Neil here from Buildings and Grounds to discuss things that the committee has been looking into. First of all, having a TV screen installed in the commons area to post announcements. Regarding the lawn, the same fertilizing company that was used last year will be hired to come back this spring. Regarding parking lot maintenance, we received a proposal from Valley Seal Coat for infrared crack repair, crack sealing, and fixing catch basin structures for $6000. It would be an additional $9000 to sealcoat and paint stripes on the entire lot. Outdoor sign is being discussed. Can we just paint and repair it until we figure out what kind of sign we want and the cost? Estimate of concrete slab in the back of the church is being obtained by the men’s group.
Kate here to discuss the endowment fund. She brought a sample of a designated fund agreement for review. She will put together questions that need to be answered by the Council before an endowment fund is set up: Who is in charge of fund? Where do the Distributions go? If LOL ceases to exist, where does the endowment fund go? There is a fee, based on a percentage of the fund. Future meeting to be set up to discuss the current endowment contract and speak with a representative from The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.
Pastor’s Report – Dad is not doing well. Easter season busy but went well. All areas of church moving along well.
Buildings and Grounds – Spring cleanup this Sunday. Joe and Tim will be changing out the flag pole rope. The Boy scouts will be doing a flag ceremony on Memorial Day weekend. Air compressor fittings came off furnace due to years of vibration. Fire department was alerted by our alarms.
Worship – meeting next week. Focus on Spring and Summer season.
Youth – no updates.
Finances/Budget – we are ending the year with about $16,916 surplus, thank you to some large donations. See Gail’s report for more details. 2018-19 budget was presented by Gail and approved by Council. Thank you to Gail for all your hard work on the budget.
Stewardship – Facebook updates are welcomed, thank you to Sarah Miller. New inserts were made for the attendance folders for E-giving.
Old Business
Thank you notes – were signed by Council and will be distributed by Pastor Kevin.
Sunday School – Council approved trying new ideas to invigorate next year’s curriculum. Meeting will be this Sunday.
New Business
Stacey Pethke, an original member, has graduated Seminary, and her Ordination will be here Saturday June 16th. Encourage all to attend the celebration.
Next meeting May 15th. Annual meeting is on May 20th.
Devotion for next meeting – Drew
Closing prayer by Pastor Kevin.