Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting, January 23, 2018

In Attendance:  Geoff Hendren, Gail Gardner, Ken Mueller, Wayne Ludkey, Drew Jaeger, Joe Groholski, Kari Nigl.  Opening Devotion by Drew.

Team Reports

Pastor’s Report: none

Buildings and Grounds: We have some cracks in our concrete floor in the sanctuary that are causing some vinyl tiles to crack. Geoff will ask Neil to get in touch with a flooring specialist.  Joe will follow up with Neil on obtaining the length of the flagpole rope.

Worship: none

Youth: 19 kids participated in the youth service this past Sunday.  It was excellent!  Look forward to a few more of these youth –led services throughout the year.  The pizza sale is currently going on.  They will also be selling VandeWalle’s Chocolate Bars.  13 youth are signed up for the mission trip to the Twin Cities 7/29-8/3/18.  11 out of 13 kids are girls; looking for another female chaperone.

Finances/Budget:   See Gail’s report.  The Business Management Team will meet on 2/8/18 to begin budget.  Members are Andy K, Vern O, Russ G, and Gail.  They need one more member.  She is suggesting this team meet every other month to help guide the church financially, and the Council agrees that is a good idea.  The Endowment Fund is currently at First National Bank in a savings account.  Vern is recommending it be moved somewhere it can earn more interest.  Gail will ask for more information on this.

Stewardship:  See social media update below.

Old Business

Council Brunch will be Feb 11th at 11:00 am.  Council members in charge of bringing main dishes.  There will be a sign up for church members.

Social Media: Wayne has done some research.  Jill updates the church website monthly.  Our Facebook page is updated every once in awhile by Carol Heffernan.  Courtney updates the Lord of the Lakes Youth Facebook page regularly, to communicate with parents.  There is also a Facebook page for Lord of the Lakes script, not regularly updated.  Council still looking for an administrator to manage all the social media outlets.  We also discussed having weekly announcements on the sanctuary projector or a separate TV screen in the commons area.

New Business

New sign:  Council discussed using some of Estate Fund to obtain a new sign, along with some other outdoor updates.  Need to get some estimates from Buildings and Grounds.

New office team member:  Ellen S. has been training with Jill to help in the office.  Geoff is to review our HR policies for wage/vacation benefits, and discuss hours with the office staff.  Discussion to continue at next meeting.  Annual meeting date set for May 20th, 2018.

Devotion for next meeting:  Wayne                      Minutes submitted by: Kari Nigl