Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting

December 19, 2017

Attendence:  Joe Groholski, Wayne Ludkey, Ken Mueller, Pastor Kevin, Bill Grau, Geoff Hendren, Drew Jaeger, Kari Nigl

Opening Devotions by Kari, Prayer by Pastor Kevin

Team Reports

Pastor’s Report: a busy last month with many activities.  Looking forward to sabbatical.

Buildings & Grounds:  Phase I of LED lighting project has been complete and we received the rebate to put towards Phase II.  We have a free lift rental courtesy of Tom Z.  Fire Inspections were complete this week and they had to repair a pipe for the sprinkler system.  Rope on flag pole needs to be replaced.  Pastor Kevin spoke with Chief of Police and he agreed camera surveillance for security would be a good idea.  Bill has asked Buildings & Grounds to put together some pricing.

Worship:  Prepared for Christmas.  Team will reconvene next year.

Youth:  Thank you to the youth and directors for the wonderful Christmas program.  Drew continued the discussion from last month…  Youth Works is the company that completes the mentors’ background checks for the youth mission trips.

Finances/Budget:  See Gail’s report.  Giving was down, but thankful for a generous donation to help us rebound.

Stewardship:  There will be a subtle giving message in the upcoming church bulletin.

Old Business

Estate Money:  We will continue to think about how we can use the money we have been generously given.

Church Directory:  scheduled for April.

New Business

Line of credit:  Question proposed as to whether we should extend our line of credit or not?  Council members all agreed to extend for emergency purposes.  Geoff will complete the paperwork.

Council Brunch: set for February 11th after second service.  Council responsible for the main course and members bring a dish to pass.  A sign up sheet to follow.

Social Media:  Wayne discussed the difficulty navigating and finding information on our website/facebook page.  We will ask for a volunteer to help update these things.

Closing prayer by Pastor Kevin.

***Next Meeting will be adjusted to January 23rd. Joe for devotion.