Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting, November 21, 2017

Attendance: Geoff  Hendren, Pastor Kevin, Gail Gardner, Joe Groholski, Bill Grau, Wayne Ludkey, Ken Mueller, Kerry Arendt, Kari Nigl

Opening Devotion by Bill

Team Reports

Pastor’s Report: Ecumenical Thanksgiving service was tonight at St. Mary’s. October/November has been very busy with various meetings, a wedding, and a funeral, Simple Hope.  Christmas season will be busy.

Buildings and Grounds:  Phase I of the LED light project is complete with the exception of the lights that need a lift to reach.  Rebate will be submitted by the end of the year, and will be used towards Phase II.  Council approves this, and also $400 for the second phase.  One rental of the lift can then be used for both phases, and in turn save money.  Second rebate will be put back into the budget, once that returns.

We had a difficult discussion about the public threat and safety of our congregation.  We will consult local police Chief Olson, ask for a safety check, and take a proactive approach.

Worship: Thanksgiving and Christmas services planned.

Youth: The Youth Service will be 1/21/18.  With all that is going on in the news these days, it has been asked if our youth chaperones are screened and educated on what exactly is sexual harassment?  They do go through a background check.  Ken will discuss this further with Courtney.

Finance/Budget Summary:  See Gail’s report for more details. Andy, Vern, and Doris did the year end budget review and they will do an annual report of Script Program soon.  Fall Fundraiser = $2900 which will go directly to the mortgage principle.  There is a $400 surplus in a flower designated fund which will be shifted towards the LED project as mentioned above.

Stewardship: We currently have 51 people enrolled in electronic giving.  1 person is using the new online system.

New Business

Sabbatical – Our Synod has verified that a Pastor should take up to 12 weeks of sabbatical every 5-7 years.  Pastor Kevin has been with us for 8 years, and this will be his first leave.  The Synod also recommends the church financially support the Sabbatical to help cover expenses.  Council approved Pastor to be off  4 weeks during the month of January, and 4 consecutive weeks later in the year.  A motion was made by Wayne for Council to approve $500 per week of sabbatical.  A second motion was made by Ken.  All were in favor.  While Pastor is gone in January, Pastor Keith Tomlinson will be stepping in as Pastor on Sundays, Jan Olsen will be doing home visits, and four other pastors will take emergency call, one week at a time.

Estate Gift – Our church has been blessed with an estate gift.  Council has decided to put roughly $15,000 towards fulfilling our “Reserve Account” at the bank, totaling $25,000.  This will free up the monthly payment of $1300.  The remainder of the gift will stay in the stocks, and we ask the Business Management team to guide us with that.

Nominating Committee for Council 2018 – This would have been Linda Zillges, who is unfortunately no longer with us, and Terry Korus, who has moved.  We are looking for non-council members to help nominate for the new term.

Kerry Arent has shared that she will complete her Council term at the end of this calendar year.  She and her husband have moved back to Appleton and will be resuming participation at their old church, with their children and grandchildren.  Kerry’s insight will be missed!

Stewardship Training – Wayne was asked and graciously accepted, to attend a training in April.

Church Directory – It has been 3 years since our last directory, and we have seen a lot of new members in that time.  We will ask that Jill reach out to the Photographer from last time, and ask that someone chair this event.

Snow Cancellation Policy – Church is rarely cancelled due to snow.  However, Pastor Kevin will make an announcement over the next few weeks and ask if anyone would like to be on the cancellation call list.  Otherwise, you can find our cancellation on the news and Facebook.  You can also hear Pastor Kevin’s recording if you call the church.

Closing prayer:  Pastor Kevin,    Next meeting 12/19/17.  Devotion:  Kari