Lord of the Lakes Church
Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2017

Neil opened meeting at 6:30 P.M. The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Tom Zillges, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow , & Betts Nikolai
Maintenance & Spring Cleaning Tasks: (These are projects that were on list & have not been completed)
• East End Door was looked at and was supposed to be painted. It is rusted out and needs to be replaced. Need to get estimate for new door.
• New Belt for Roof Exhauster Air Handler
• Dead Bushes need to be taken out. (Dave Klemp will handle)
• Pond Maintance (Betts to call Russ G. )
• Exterior Power Wash need to set up for sometime in July-August.
• HVAC Parts & Computer & Electronics that are not in use. Need to get in one area & recycle.
• Strip & Wax Sanctuary Floors. (to be done sometime this summer)
• Lawn weed & fertilize…. Tom to get estimate.
• Neil to contact Derek Schaeffer (SBS) regarding Men’s bathroom toilet (non-handicapped stall). Need to get quote on possible replacement.
• No new status update from Terry.
LED Lighting Upgrades:
• Neil to get letter to Cindy Hendren with explanation of upgrade for funding from Thrift.
• Daryl gave update on estimated Cost to complete project
Tasks Completed Since last meeting: Most of this done at Spring Cleaning on May, 7th
• Door Key repaired
• Betts talked to Darlene regarding cleaning disposal on a Monthly basis. She is to add this to her monthly tasks, or as needed. Did pick up cleaning agents to do this and placed under sink in Kitchen.
• Wd-40 on Center post of Middle Outside & around nooks & crannies that needed to be oiled.
• Base boards, window ledges, sills, & door ledges all wiped down.
• All tables and chairs in gathering area wiped down
• Carpet in Sancturary cleaned.
• Basement cleaned & organized
• Garbage & Debris picked up around grounds.
• Belts Checked & replaced on Roof Exhauster Air Handler. Need to pick up a new belt, the one that is on is wrong size.
• Shingles that were missing on Roof about Pastor’s office & Nursery were replaced by Roof Contractor that Geoff Hendren was in touch with.
• Furnace Filters Changed. Thank You Warren.

Old Business:
• Maintenance Position… Waiting to hear from Council
• Parking Lot repair & re-surface. At this time we will just repair cracks & Seal. Next year will put in budget to resurface & stripe.

Next B & G Meeting is Tuesday, September 12 , 2017 @ 6:30. (will not be meeting during Summer, will keep in touch via e-mail & phone)
Meeting adjourned at 6:52 P.M., Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai