Lord of the Lakes Council, April 18, 2016

Attendance:  Geoff Hendren, Terry Korus, Linda Zillges, Joe Groholski, Ken Mueller, Kari Nigl, Gail Gardner

Ken opened the meeting with a devotion and prayer

Team Reports

Pastor’s Report

  • All reviewed, no comments.

Building & Grounds

  • We have the potential of receiving a significant grant to start replacing lights in the building with LED lights.


  • No updates


  •    No updates


  • We did budget for a ($22,340) Loss YTD and our Actual Profit YTD is $16,901.
  • Reviewed proposed budget for 2017-2018. Geoff made the motion to approve the proposed budget, and Terry seconded the motion.  Approved by all council members.

Stewardship updates

  • No updates

Old Business

Maintenance person position – will look for a maintenance person to work approximately 5-10 hours a week.

New Business

Sunday school and Youth update – Looking to change the curriculum for Sunday School Classes.

Church use fees – currently $25 – Will increase to $50 and be reviewed annually.

New safe for office – Need to get a price

Next meeting: May 16