Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Notes – February 21, 2017

Members Present-, Geoff Hendren, Gail Gardner, Kerry Arent, Kari Nigl, Joe Groholski, Drew Jaeger

Opening Devotion- Geoff

 Team Reports-

 Pastor’s Report- Pastor on well-deserved vacation.

 Buildings and Grounds- HVAC system still proving problematic seems to be issues with temp regulation in different zones, especially the sanctuary. Service call to local HVAC company found burned out components in system.  Further discussion with committee and Terry needed to evaluate need to have continued HVAC service from local company vice past practice of volunteers.

Utility costs still exceeding budget, difficult to accurately assess due to current practice of 1/12th billing versus month to month.  Suggestion given to consider “level billing option with utility to better average costs month to month.

It was discussed that some devoted members of church are purchasing maintenance supplies out of pocket and not seeking reimbursement. Council asked committee liaison to clarify to those members that proper accounting practices require that they at least provide bill to church, even if donation in kind

Need for parking lot repairs, to potentially include crack filling and sealing vice total resurfacing discussed. Price estimates range from $2500 to $9500 depending on whether short or long term repairs chosen

Repairs to men’s room toilet and roof vents and belts pend

Potential savings in phone and internet service providers to be evaluated

Maintenance person needed on staff but severe budget challenge. Options discussed include potential funding for partial year or limited hours.  Load for this has been taken by volunteers, but becoming overwhelming.

  1. Worship- Proposed changes to Sunday school program to be discussed with pastor prior to next council meeting.
  1. Finances-

The Operating Budget Total YTD as of February-17 FYE   $29408

The Operating Budget Total for Month of January 2016-17           $5536

Council noted that no mortgage payment was due this month and our totals include $2800 in SCRIP profits for the fiscal year. $4,547 received from Thrift store. Some thrift store volunteers requesting information about how the profits from their time and efforts being used on specific projects for church, follow up pend.

Financial projection for end of fiscal year based on current trends is for -$(5200) vice budget expecting -$(18,000) Council discussed need for balanced budget for future after several years of negative balance.

Stewardship- Kerry reported on salary structure research with ELCA and other sources she was working on to ensure that church remains and employer of choice for our employees.

Youth: No report this month..

Next Meeting: March 21st, 2017

Devotion for March by Joe