Lord of the Lakes Church

Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2016


Neil opened meeting at 6:35 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Lou Zwicky, Warren Winter, Tom Zillges  & Betts Nikolai

Maintenance Tasks

  • USA Fire Protection Details for: Annual Inspection, Quarterly Inspection, 3 year Inspection, & 5 Year Inspection.   See Attached page.  (Note:  dates on the sheet are when they were last completed).
  • Furnace Filters were replaced. Inventory was done and Warren will take care of ordering more filters.
  • Nothing on Maintenance Tasks for November

Old Business : 

  • Fall Clean Up took place on Sunday, November 6th after 10:00 Service. The following tasks were completed.
  1. Foam was placed in entry point by Air Handler. (Santuary condenser on South West corner of Building).  Neil will check this periodically through the winter months to make sure it stays closed.
  2. Volley Ball Court was cleaned out. We need to check with Youth/Pastor to see if this is going to be used.  ( It hasn’t been used for a couple years). If it is not going to be used then it was suggested we re-seed it so we don’t have to continue to maintain.
  3. Tree on the left side of entry door into the yard is growing toward Building. It was staked to try to pull away from building, but it was suggested it should probably be moved. If we dig out, cosmetically our landscaping will not be balanced as there is a sister tree on the other side.   Neil wants to look at the landscape plans and see where we would be able to move it to.
  4. Snow plowing stakes were place.
  5. All baseboards, window sills & above all doors were wiped down.
  6. Front of Serving Area in the Gathering Area along with all the shelves were wiped down.
  7. Bushes were trimmed.
  8. Leaves blown out of corners of building & raked
  9. Weeds pulled and sprayed in Landscaping areas.


  • Maintenance Staff Replacement…. No update at this time.
  • HVAC System Contact: Terry Korus will be our contact until information is provided.  Neil has not been able to make contact as Terry has been out of town.  He will check with Terry and update team at next meeting.
  • Neil attempted to contact John B. in regard to parts that are from the old HVAC System to see if they are usable. Also to check on Roof Exhauster & Control System Equipment Inspection. He will find out where the roof exhauster is and what John looks for.  Have not heard back from him.
  • Neil has not heard back from Kascade Plumbing in regard to the screen replacement on Grease Pit.
  • Charles Ingles was contacted regarding Shoveling & Salting and Charles will take care of for us.
  • Tom Zillges will continue to do snow plowing.
  • Request for Quote for the 5 year U.S. Alliance Fire Protection Inspection to be sent to us.

New Business:

  • Jill asked Lou to look at outside center doors, post in the middle had to be taken out to bring in skids for Pac-a-Thon. It was rusted so Lou sprayed some W-D 40 in.  Put on Spring & Fall Clean-up List
  • East end Door Frame needs to be painted.
  • Raised Gardens are they being used? Ask Youth team if they plan to use, if not recommend that they be removed.
  • The Large Oak Tree in the parking lot has some low branches that needs to be trimmed. This along with the Camp fire wood will be removed by a friend of Lou’s.
  • Judy Wright has a Juniper Tree that she would like to donate to the Church. Neil told her that we would need to look at Landscaping Plan to see where we could plant it.  This needs to be done before the ground freezes.
  • Tom brought up the condition of our Flag. He would be willing to replace it but then would want it to be put up on Sunday & taken down after Service on Sundays so it doesn’t get torn & tattered.  Tom will talk to Pastor about this.

Next B & G Meeting is  Tuesday, December 13 , 2016 @ 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 P.M.

Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai