Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Notes – September 20, 2016

Members Present- Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Geoff Hendren, Gail Gardner, Kerry Arent, Kari Nigl, Joe Groholski, Drew Jaeger

Opening Devotion- Drew

Team Reports-

  1. Pastor’s Report- Highlights include several new families joining church, fall routine of programs back in full swing, several new enthusiastic members volunteering in Sunday school.

 Buildings and Grounds- Yard repairs leaving status quo for now, as weeds appear to be in check, awaiting next spring for likely additional work as needed.

HVAC system programmed and working, evaluation of effectiveness pends.

Search for potential maintenance employee underway. Recommendation of council that his and all future employees have job description and salary letter at beginning of employment.

  1. Worship- Current confirmation program participants have pending proposal for suggested recommendations, plan to provide to pastor soon.
  1. Finances-

The Operating Budget Total Net Loss YTD as of August 2016-17 FYE       ($3,458)

The Operating Budget Total Net Loss for Month of August 2016-17           ($1,386)

 We did budget for a ($8,204) Loss YTD and our Actual Loss YTD is ($3,458).

Council requested that comparison chart of last year’s financial data be brought to future meetings for point of reference and to further understand trends.

  1. Stewardship- Letter to membership drafted, final approval pends, suggestions for reinforcement of benefits of Simply Giving offered.

Old Business

 Compensation Changes due to Federal Rules- Discussion of potential impact to employees of pending Federal Exempt Employee definition for overtime rules. Flat rate employees may still be exempt, legal guidance being requested from Synod.

  1. Wildflower Garden- Visit from consultant included advice on potential short term and long term work and potential costs. Plan is to solicit interest from volunteers for initial labor and upkeep, donor willing to support set up costs.

New Business

Mortgage update- New mortgage loan being pursued in attempt to obtain lower rate. Process nearing completion, details to be shared with congregation upon final terms.

  1. Council Retreat- Date selected for on-site retreat of Council at Lord of the Lakes on October 22nd for 9am to 1pm.

Next Meeting: October 18 2016   Devotion for October by Kari, November by Joe