Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2016

 Neil opened meeting at 6:25 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Warren Winter, & Betts Nikolai

Maintenance Tasks June:

  • Annual Fire Sprinkler System Check Due. Completed on June 8th.  Warren present.
  • Neil to take care of renewal of Fire Sprinkler System contract. Will leave on Jill’s desk.
  • Equipment Inspection on the roof exhauster & Control system. (John B)  Neil will check with John on this.  He will find out where the roof exhauster is and what John looks for.
  • Wash Windows, not in budget to have professionally done. They were spot cleaned at Spring Clean-up.  Darlene to spot clean on a weekly basis.

New Business: 

  • There is a small leak on the faucet as you first walk into the kitchen. (hot water handle).

Betts to talk to Kate to see if she would have Plumber look at when they install new faucets.  If this could happen it would save the Church a Service Call.  This item would be the Church’s responsibility.

  • Fascia on front of Church building came down in Storm. Betts to contacted Craig Kell to get an estimate on putting back up, or replacing if need be.
  • Need Mulch for Center Island. Betts contacted Tom Zillges to get estimate.  (if they deliver, Dennis will spread it.)
  • Parking Lot. Tom Zillges to get estimate for filling in cracks & to reseal entire lot.
  • Warren asked about all the parts from HVAC left in basement. Neil to ask John about when he talks to him about Roof exhauster.

Old Business

  • Updated Cleaning documents received from Darlene, have not received Gary’s as of yet.
  • Chairs for Sanctuary. All information given back to Jill along with the color that was picked out.  This information was given to Council and they will move forward with donations from the congregation. Discussion ensued about getting more chairs with arms.  Several members from B & G did mention that members of the congregation did mention that they hope we are ordering more chairs with arms.
  • Neil called Kascade about new screen in Grease Pit. We had not received a quote, and has not heard back from them.
  • Kate & Chris P. will be picking out new faucets for the Kitchen and have installed by their Plumber.
  • Larry Paulson found a used Commercial Stove that sounded promising. After he & Kate investigated, they learned that the Manufacturer is no longer in Business. Due to that, it was decided to continue looking.  They will keep us posted as to what they find.

HVAC Project:

  • Pro-Lon System is installed. At this point there are some network updates that need to be completed before it is completely done.  Terry Korus and Jill are working on this.
  • Terry & Jill have gotten some training on the system. More to take place after updates are completed.

Steeple Lights:

  • Steeple lights will be installed on Wednesday, June 22nd by Shea Electric. Daryl will be present during installation.


  • Neil did make contact with Dave Girard regarding quotes. The quotes that we received were from people that Dave worked with. Neil does have access to this information and would be able to contact some of them to get quotes for just the seeding part.
  • Neil will contact Joe Groholski, who has showed some interest, and knows of someone who has tractor/ equipment. He will also talk to Lucas King to see if he knows of anyone.

He will also make contact with Don Zeinert.

  • Lou did check with Paul Olson in regard to a sprayer. Paul does not have one, but would be able to get one for us, just needs a week or two notice. We are looking at this project for the fall, late Sept. / October.  The following things need to be accomplished.
  • Check with Lou on quote for seed.
  1. Line up equipment. (tractor, sprayer, tiller, seeder).  In progress.
  2. Call Diggers Hot Line (at least a week prior to project starting)
  3. Kill weeds off, work up soil, seed it.

Inventory Sheets:

  • Betts still working on.


Next B & G Meeting is NOT scheduled.  (we keep in touch via e-mail and phone on progress being made.)  Meeting adjourned at 7:06pm.  Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai