The meeting was called to order by Pastor Kevin.   Because of the many new people in attendance, he had everyone introduce themselves.   Present: Valerie Gulke, Mary Mueller, Dana Hartel, Holly Nelson, Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Steve Phillips, Cindy Hendren, Ellen Smolinski, Jody Kell, Lani Stanek, Margaret Kohl, Pam Ulness

Pastor Kevin distributed copies of the church calendar/year and mentioned that if anyone has a favorite passage from the Bible they would like read in place of what is scheduled on the calendar, they can especially request it as long as the passage can be coordinated with the theme of the Sunday.

Planning the Sunday worship services to coordinate with the church year or calendar can be a real challenge.  Therefore, Pastor Kevin requested team members to review the calendar and think of creative ways to present or express the various themes of the seasons of the church.  He also asked team members to bring ideas back to our next meeting currently scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, 6:30 p.m. for discussion.

The immediate focus, of course, is on the worship services during this summer.  Pam Ulness suggested it would be better to work further in advance with planning; however, since the team has not met officially since February, summer worship services are the current priority.  Specific ideas discussed for this summer are as follows:

  • Pastor Kevin encouraged some special music besides the Guitar Band.
  • Having an outdoor service on Sunday, July 31, at one of the parks in Winneconne along with the possibility of a church picnic after worship. Lani Stanek will check on rental and availability of the park facilities and report back at the next meeting
  • During the season of Pentecost relative to “Fruits of the Spirit,” strawberry sundaes might be served instead of the regular refreshments during Coffee Fellowship time. Cindy Hendren suggested possibly scheduling this for Sunday, June 26. If weather permits, doors could be opened to the back yard that both adults and children can enjoy being either inside or outside.
  • The youth are scheduled to travel on their mission trip in July to South Dakota . At our Sunday worship services shortly after their return, hopefully, they can tell us about their experiences while away on this trip.
  • Jody Kell expressed a desire to open the back doors more often during the summer months, if weather permits and flies/insects are not a problem. In addition, Coffee Fellowship workers might set up refreshments at a table near the doors instead of at the cafe bar.

Pastor Kevin, again, mentioned the change in scheduling meetings from a monthly to a quarterly basis or whenever needed.   He, further, explained that the planning focus of our next meeting on Tuesday, July 12, will center on the worship services this fall. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer by Pastor Kevin.

Respectfully submitted, Margaret Kohl, Recording Secretary                     mk