Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes, May 10, 2016

 Neil opened meeting at 6:34 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Lou Zwicky, Warren Winter, & Betts Nikolai

Maintenance Tasks May:

Annual Fire Sprinkler System Check Due. The Company usually contacts the office to schedule.

  • Equipment Inspection on the roof exhauster & Control system. (John B)

Audio Visual:

  • Dick S. joined in on the meeting. He made a donation of a loud speaker / microphone audio system.  It works inside or out, with or without a charge. Thank You Dick for your generosity!!

New Business: 

  • Donation, from Kate & Chris P. for one or two tall arch kitchen faucets. This will make it easier to clean big coffee pots & Nescos.  Betts to contact Kate to have her get estimate on installation of faucets.
  • Unsolicited quote for Sealing of Parking Lot. Neil thought parking lot was done about 4 years ago, & Dennis thought Cracks were sealed about 2 years ago.   Not sure how often this is to be done.  Neil suggested that take a look at the parking lot, investigate cost, and depending on what needs are budget for next year. Neil will talk to Doris to see if she can check to see when it was done the last time.

Old Business:

  • Spring cleaning to take place Sunday, May 15th. Betts will add cleaning Vents, (the ones we can reach with a ladder), along with cleaning window & Door ledges to the To Do List.   Went over list at meeting.  Neil to bring Leaf blower on Sunday, & pick up some Ortho weed killer to spray weeds around the building.
  • Updated Cleaning documents received from Darlene, have not received Gary’s as of yet.
  • Filters were changed in April.
  • Chairs for Sanctuary. Betts to talk to Jill and get quote to Council for approval.
  • Neil to call Kascade about new screen in Grease Pit. We have not received a quote.

HVAC Project:

  • Update from Pastor Kevin & Terry Korus. Spoke with John B., pretty much done, now just linking up internet.   Thank You John B.
  • Lou to check out paint to see if there is any extra to touch up around new thermostats. If we have some available it would be a possibility to touch up at Spring Cleaning. Lou to check with Ray to see if he knows where extra paint is.

Steeple Lights:

  • We have received another $400.00 donation for the Steeple Lights. This donation was made after Neil addressed it at the Annual Meeting.  We only need $350.00 at this point.


  • Lou did make contact with one of our Members in regard to equipment. He does not have the right equipment for the job.
  • Neil did ask for $2000.00 in the budget, but has not received a copy of the budget to see if it was approved.
  • Joe Groholski did approach Neil and showed some interest in being involved. He know of someone who has a tractor/equipment. If this doesn’t pan out, then Betts knows of someone who may be able to help us.  Neil & Lou to have a discussion with Joe.
  • We are looking at this project for the fall, late Sept. / October. The following things need to be accomplished.
  1. Contact Dave Girard and ask him about the quotes he received for lawn. Neil to contact.
  2. Figure out how much grass seed we need and get a quote on that. Lou will get quote.
  3. Line up equipment (tractor, sprayer, tiller, seeder)
  4. Call Diggers Hot Line
  5. Kill weeds off, work up soil, seed it.

Inventory Sheets:

  • Betts still working on.

Next B & G Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, at 6:30  (we will me meeting throughout summer).

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 P.M. Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai