Building and Grounds January 2021  No Meeting this Month

The team has not met in January do to lack of need.  Major issues are taken care of and Brad is continuing to work with ongoing issues like water heater, covering over sound system, miscellaneous changing out of light bulbs, etc. as well as routine maintenance.  It is really nice to have a person in that role who sees needs and goes ahead and does what he needs to do.

Kate Pfaendtner has resigned as Team Leader — thank you Kate for your time and diligence, Especially recently with a couple major issues.  If you see her, please thank her.

So we are looking for a new Team Leader for B&G.  It is a good team where everyone who has an area of special interest/expertise simply jumps in and helps out.  Jan and Betts serve as Recorders and so records and communication will continue as is.  Please consider this need! We meet monthly, Sept. through May unless like this January we feel we don’t need to have a meeting. In these cases and in summer, we keep the Team members informed via emails.  Let the office, Jan or Betts know if you would consider this need.

Thank you, Jan, recorder for B&G