Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Notes                                                     March 17, 2020

Members Present:  Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Wayne Ludkey, Jeff Jahnke, David Wein, Sarah Miller, John Penza, John Macho and Kristen Bjornstad.

Absent:  Jan Olson (Florida) and Gail Gardner

Devotion:        Pastor Kevin (Psalm 116)

Devotion next month:  Jeff Jahnke

Opening Prayer:  Pastor Kevin

Officer Elections

 President—Jeff asked if anyone else is interested in the position?  If not, he is willing to continue as council president for another year.  John Penza nominated Jeff Jahnke for council President.  Kristen Bjornstad seconded.  Approved.

Vice President—Kristen Bjornstad nominated Wayne Ludkey to continue in his role as VP.  Jeff Jahnke asked for a verbal vote.  All in favor.  Approved.

Treasurer—Jeff Jahnke and Jan Olson are currently in a re-write of this section of the church             constitution, and the treasurer will continue to be Gail Gardner.

Secretary—John Penza nominated Kristen Bjornstad.  Wayne Ludkey seconded.  Approved.

Jeff Jahnke had all council members present introduce themselves and give a short bio as this was the first meeting for our newest council member, John Macho.  Welcome John!

Team Reports (send any outstanding reports to Kristen to be added to the Team Reports file)

 Pastor’s Report & Worship Committee: 

  1. Buildings & Grounds: See attached Team Reports file.  Jeff Jahnke made a motion to accept the B & G proposal on the dishwasher/sanitizer removal.  John Penza seconded.
  1. Youth: See attached Team Reports file.
  1. Fellowship and Life: Meeting will be set up after Easter.

 We Care:

 Social Media:

 Stewardship: See attached Team Reports file.

 Treasurer Report/Financial Notes: See attached Team Reports file.

New Business

 Jeff turned the meeting over to Wayne Ludkey to discuss the adjustments needed for the church in response to the COVID-19 pandemic…

 Pastor Kevin said that he was already getting some push back last week to not continue with normal services.  John Penza asked if we really have a choice going forward given the latest restrictions from the Governor to limit gatherings to less than 10 people.

Jeff Jahnke made a motion in regards to church activities/building closure during this outbreak..“As a council, we have decided to follow the recommendations of both the Government and the ELCA and are suspending all church activities at LOL.  We will reevaluate, as needed, along the way and the church will still be active through electronic and mail communications in the interim.”  Wayne Ludkey seconded.  Approved.

Pastor wondered if he should continue to meet with confirmation students on a one-on-one basis.  Jeff Jahnke felt that this would be OK to leave up to each of the parents.  John Macho suggested that this could possibly be accomplished through Facetime or a similar video conferencing program.  Jeff asked if we could hold the confirmation service at the beginning of the next school year.  Pastor said that could be done, and as soon as we’re able to set a date, we’ll inform everyone.

Council discussed using You Tube (or similar platform) for a weekly talk/sermon from Pastor.  Pastor Kevin is thinking of doing [approximately] a 5 minute talk based on the scripture reading for the week.  He said this could be attached to an email and also have a transcript available which could be sent to those without email.  He can do this any time during the week and can have other church updates sent in the same email.         

 Sarah was concerned about those who were physically coming into the building (i.e. office staff) and wondered if phone calls can be forwarded so that nobody has to be in the building to answer calls.

Pastor Kevin said that some churches will not make it through this and wondered if we could put a link in the emails going out for continued giving while the building is closed and traditional services are suspended.  Wayne said that the stewardship group was going to have a webinar about this on Wednesday (3/18/20).

Pastor added that, with the building being closed, renovations can be done more easily.  The ceiling will be repainted and the glass cross (Jim Lesnick memorial) will be mounted once the painting is done.  Pastor passed around a picture of the glass cross wall hanging.  Wayne noted that there is a policy on memorials (written in 2004) and that we will need to have a committee in place to review future memorials (see notes from February 2020 council meeting minutes).

Sarah asked if she should take down the Facebook notes regarding Easter Breakfast and other activities that have already been planned and posted.  Pastor and council agreed that this should be done.  Wayne suggested that for pot-lucks in the future, that we have servers available so that the number of people touching utensils is limited.  Sarah also asked if someone could write something up for her to post in regards to activity/service cancellations for Wednesday, 3/18/20.  Jeff and Pastor said that Sarah can just post a note stating that all large group activities for 3/18/20 are cancelled (one-on-one meetings with confirmation students will proceed as scheduled).  Pastor will write up something more formal and send it out to the congregation to inform them of all the changes.

Pastor is concerned about the momentum of the youth group due to the cancellation of building activities (which includes youth group).  John Penza said that Amy was in contact with the kids (video, text, etc.) prior to the outbreak and will keep this going.  She has a devotional ready to start (all kids doing the same devotions using an eBook) and will continue this while the building is closed.

Pastor Kevin was trying to think of other things that could be done to allow people to continue to be active with the church and serve.  He thought that we may want to have a team of people available to pick up grocery orders and deliver them to members who cannot (or shouldn’t) go out.

Wayne added that he believes we have made the right decision to suspend all activities.  Pastor said that the Bishop stated that he’s never missed 2 consecutive weeks of church in his life.  This situation is unprecedented and will have a huge impact on the lives of some people.  It was also noted that some people will be in need of financial help at this time (or in the near future).  Wayne suggested using the Good Samaritan Fund to provide some assistance.

Wayne also asked about funerals during this time.  Pastor Kevin has been talking with other pastors about this.  It is very unclear at this point, but if someone is not cremated, things cannot wait.

Pastor also said that one church is planning to do an Easter service in their parking lot (everyone stays in their own car).  If anyone has creative ideas, please let Pastor Kevin know.

Jeff added that, ultimately, the situation is in God’s hands.

Closing Prayer:  Pastor Kevin

Next Meeting:  4/21/2020

Team Reports for Council Meeting—March 2020


Kate Pfaendtner has this about the dishwasher:  I received a call from Chris at Krumenauer’s in Oshkosh regarding the offer to purchase the dishwasher.  They are offering $1450 and will remove it.  They are checking on what will be necessary from a plumbing and electrical standpoint.  I am asking them to take responsibility for those costs in addition to the purchase price.  Chris will get back to me on the plan for the plumbing and electrical.


Pastor, Jill and I attended a session at Synod district offices in Appleton last week about communication.

While geared for stewardship, the session had us take a look at the bulletins and newsletters we produce. How much is presented as useful information, how much is taking up space?

Every message needs four things to be successful (no matter how long or short it is)

  • A Purpose
  • An enticing headline
  • It should be inspirational
  • It should share the message that we have a God of Abundance


* Fundraising: Anne Zillges suggested a loose offering/noisy offering for youth/mission trip.

  Amy is making an envelope fundraiser and will have it up by Easter (already up).

           Ben Brantley suggested that the youth auction services (like yard work) as in the past.

      Bake sale is still on the table, but need to decide when to do it.  Tabled for next meeting.


* Amy has been asked to get confirmation gifts.  Looking at possibly a necklace for the girls and a bracelet for the boys (9 girls, 2 boys).

* Amy has been looking at a devotion book for all the youth to do together, but the cost was a little high (approximately $11.00 per book).  Ben Brantley suggested that this may be something that is available as a less expensive eBook.  Amy was going to look into this.

* Amy planned to have youth attend Lent services.

* Baking day on 3/21 to make items to donate to homeless shelters.

* Amy had a response from First Presbyterian about the youth group mash-up she was looking to do.  May use one of the gym days to do this.

* Youth team will now meet every other month instead of monthly.

Lord of the Lakes Council Meeting Financial Notes – March 17, 2020

 The Operating Budget Total Net Deficit YTD as of February 2020 ($431)

The Operating Budget Total Net Deficit for Month of February 2020 ($1,090)

Total Cash in Operating Checking Account as of February 29, 2020 is $52,669.58

Total Cash in Special Events Checking Account as of February 29, 2020 is $13,505.83 (this

includes the $7,500.00 in Holding)

Total in Fortifi Investment Account as of January, 2020 is $23,975.91

Operating Budget Explanation:

Our YTD income for Church Operations is lower than budgeted by ($22,487). Our Regular

Envelope/Vanco/Credit Card giving is lower than budgeted by ($22,283), our Loose Offering is

lower than budget by ($984).

We received Scrip proceeds as of February 2020 $1,000 of our Fiscal Year.


We did budget for a ($6,006) Deficit YTD and our Actual Deficit YTD is ($431)