Lord of the Lakes — Buildings & Grounds Meeting
March 10, 2020
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Present: Ben Manning, Kate Pfaendtner, Rick Pierre, Warren Winter, Lou Zwicky
Meeting opened with a prayer at 6:30 p.m.
• The current reports that are provided by the financial secretary are not meaningful as they only report money spent. Kate will contact Gail Gardner to request financial reports that include budget amounts as well as year to date expenditures.
HVAC update
• Estimates from Oshkosh Heating & Air Conditioning for replacing the furnaces are in the files in the office. There are different systems quoted ranging from $3,850.00 to $4,850.00 per furnace. There are six (6) furnaces, (all original) with an estimated lifespan of 15-30 years.
• These quotes are for planning purposes only.
Dish Sterilizer/Dishwasher
• Pastor Kevin secured approval to sell the dishwasher
• Kate contacted Krumenauer’s in Oshkosh. They were planning to stop on Monday or Tuesday to familiarize themselves with the unit. They will contact Kate with an offer to purchase.
Glass Cross
• Marie Lesnick informed Kate on Sunday that the cross is completed and ready to mount. She would like to have that done after the painting and by the Saturday before Easter if at all possible.
• Kate has contacted Brad regarding renting a scissor lift. Brad is out of town.
• Kate contacted Edward Veith regarding painting the sanctuary ceiling. Edward’s schedule would allow him to start on Monday, March 16th or Monday, March 23rd. The 23rd is a more realistic date, the 16th is too soon from an organizational standpoint.
• Edward contacted Kate in early March to report that the test spot he painted in the sanctuary worked very well. Per the paint supplier, acoustic properties come from the height and material used, not from the paint product. Edward is confident that the product he plans to use is the right one for the job. Edward is donating his time for the project which will take a week. Materials will cost $1400.
• Kate asked Edward for an estimate on painting the kitchen. That work has to wait until the dishwasher is removed.
• Painting is dependent on renting a scissor lift. Kate contacted Brad regarding scheduling.
• Ray Zegers is still planning to paint a second coat in the back hallway.
• Painting of the new east doorway will wait until the weather is warmer.
Sound System
• Pastor Kevin reported that a replacement sound system has been decided on. The supplier indicated that the new system can use the existing wiring.
• Money from the sale of the dishwasher will be directed to the sound system to help cover the cost.
Lord of the Lakes — Buildings & Grounds Meeting
March 10, 2020
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• Pastor Kevin and Kate will meet with the supplier later in the month regarding installation.
Maintenance Issues (Brad reported via email to Kate)
• Handrails for the steps to the altar – Brad is still working to locate materials for the railings.
• Water testing was done by Winnebago County. The reports are in the file.
• The bearings are going bad on the roof vent over the kitchen. Brad has the new bearings and is waiting for the weather to improve before installing. He will need a second person to get the job done due to safety guidelines.
• The faulty GFCI outlets on each side of the new coffee maker have been replaced by Brad.
• Brad is working with Oshkosh Heating & Air Conditioning to modify the diffusers in the sanctuary so airflow will not be directly across the ceiling to avoid future staining. This needs to be done while we have the scissor lift onsite.
• The letter received by the church regarding Harbor View Estates, Lot 13 of Lakewind Corporation was shared. Lord of the Lakes lot 12 (the pond and part of the parking lot) are included within Harbor View Estates. There may be a minor tax implication.
• There was a suggestion made by Dave Wachtendonk to stake the parking lot islands differently next year for better visibility and less damage. Lou Zwicky did the staking Fall of 2019 and he will follow up with Dave before staking in the Fall of 2020.
• Youth Room expansion. In anticipation of a request for additional space for the growing youth group, Buildings & Grounds is planning to get ideas and bids for a stick-built and prefabricated addition. It is the consensus of the team that the basement is not a good option due to the extensive remodel that would need to be done (HVAC, electrical, egress windows, an elevator to comply with ADA regulations, displacement of stored items, etc.). Lou will contact Pastor Kevin and Amy Penza to get ideas of the size and scope. These quotes will be for planning purposes only.
Adjourned at 7:30 p.m.