PRESENT:  Kate Pfaendtner, Brad Gasper, Warren Winter, Rick Pierre, Jan Olson, Betts Nikolai, Tom Zillges, Lou Zwicky:

Kate opened the meeting with a prayer.  She than introduced guest presenters, Alec Bricco and his Mom, Rhonda on behalf of Scout Troop 629, sponsored by our church. 

Alex thanked us for use of our building and for being their sponsor.  He then explained their project of organizing their supplies stored in our basement.  We moved to the basement and he explained their vision and how much space they thought they would need.  They have their own wood supplies already donated by a Dad of a Troop member.  Brad stated he could build movable walls to separate their area – it would be moved to the more central part of the west wall, away from the pipes, water softener, past area of water leakage along the north wall.  Estimated cost to Lord of the Lakes – $150 with Brad’s part of it. They also will include the items stored elsewhere for the newly formed Cub Scout group.   The Team approved their project which will start sometime after January 1. 

Building Security:  The office staff has requested us to research an alternative to our present system of 3 levels of keys which is not working re: security for various reasons.  In response Kate met with Tim White, member and former Maintenance for us and so aware of the issues as well as handles Security for Aurora buildings.  He is proposing we set it up like schools where during daytime hours anyone would need to be ‘buzzed’ in from the office.  Other times like evenings for meetings as well as service times will need to be addressed.  They will continue to work on it and report back as well with cost of a new system.

Electrical Update:  Daryl unable to attend tonight so no report.  It is thought the schematic of the system is on one of our computers here as well as drawings stored in the basement.  Tom was able to have an aerial truck with a lift already working in the area come to our parking lot.  Tom called Daryl who came over and Daryl changed light bulbs in our parking lot.  Tom covered the cost of the truck and Daryl the cost of replaced light bulbs – thank you to both!

East door/frame replacement:  Tom reported most of the work is being done off-site.  Albright, vendor is still promising it will be competed and installed before Thanksgiving. Will take 1 day to install.

Carpet Cleaner:  machine needs repair and cleaner purchased.  John Abraham, donator of machine is doing that for us.  Thank you John.

Sanctuary Ceiling: Kate, Brad, and Ed Veith (painter) met.  Ed took a sample of the ceiling as there is still a question of how safe it is to paint this since it is a plastic popcorn product.  Ed is taking it to Sherwin Williams to see if they have a newer paint product that will work.  If a go it will take a week, the entire Sanctuary will need to be emptied of furniture and equipment and everything taped and draped.  Definitely won’t be scheduled till after January 1. 

Ed is suggesting we rent a lift with an articulating arm for ease of doing the project.  At that same time, Brad and Daryl will do the Fiber Optic Cable project as well as change out light bulbs as needed in the Sanctuary and Gathering Space. 

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Brad is suggesting a way of solving the ceiling grids blowing directly on the ceiling, leading in part to the discoloration.  He would design a collar to add to the base of the grids and the Team gave him the green light to go ahead and plan for that.  Even if we are unable to get the ceiling painted, we will still need to rent a lift for the cable, light changes and change the configuration of the grids and we would do that after January 1. 

HVAC UPGRADES: Ryf Heating and Brad spent a total of 14 hours working on the furnaces in the closet off the Gathering Space.  A cracked heat exchanger was found, a bad gas valve, a bad regulator and a nonfunctioning circuit board was found and all were replaced.  Cost was over $1,600.  One of The reasons it took the 14 hrs of time is because it appears with the original construction the furnaces were installed and then the closet built around it very tightly.  There is difficulty in even replacing filters due to the very tight space.  In fact when we need to replace a furnace, the walls and door will need to be dismantled to get at it.

Basement Storage: We will be announcing a cleaning and reorganization date/time after Christmas decoration is done and there will be more space to work.  Thrift will no longer be storing off-season things like bikes, etc. in our basement.

Hallway Painting:  north wall still needs to be done.

Coffee Makers:  Kate states she has many people refuse to make coffee in our present large pots because parts don’t always work and are potentially dangerous to move due to weight, once filled.  Also, many have asked for a better grade of coffee during Fellowships.  She has had an anonymous donor offer to purchase a Bunn coffee configuration.  There was discussion on size, number of pots and where it would go.  Conclusion is we would be best served with a 4 Pot Bunn that should be at the back side of the Coffee Bar.  There is enough storage space in coffee bar cabinets to house supplies. Will get a cost comparison on coffee purchased in bulk vs packets.  We will proceed.

Quotes for Future Use: We are getting quotes on upkeep/replacement as well as estimated timelines on our major equipment and portions of the building.  The building is 14 years old.

  • HVAC/furnaces: verbal from Ryf’s – expect 20 -25 years total longevity (means 2025-2030 we can expect to have to replace furnaces
  • Air conditioners: TBD
  • Flooring: Betts met with Al Rosendahl, Creative Tile re: replacement.  He looked at vinyl tile and all carpets throughout building and gave a written estimate of $18,850 of replacing all of it.  No timeline given on longevity of our present flooring – dependent on showing wear.
  • Build-out of basement, making it HDA accessible vs: adding a trailer type structure to east wing: Brad working on
  • Parking lot resurface: done 2019; longevity TBD
  • Roof: TBD
  • Vinyl siding: TBD
  • Entrance Sign: Quoted on 10/18 by Appleton Sign — $10,000 for basic; $12,000 lit up at night; add Digital Board, add $20,000. (can be done in stages)
  • Kitchen stove/oven: TBD

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  • Ongoing upgrade of Electrical systems to resolve poor original installation and portions against code – TBD
  • Air compressor: replaced in 2018; longevity TBD
  • Water Softener: TBD
  • Water Heater: TBD
  • Grand Piano: TBD
  • Key Board: replaced in 2018; longevity TBD

Spending Limit Review:  Jan and Jeff Jahnke (President) are revising our 2010 Constitution and last written Spending Limits for B&G was in 2012. Jan stated what is on paper at present and is asking for appropriateness now in 2019.  These would be written as Continuing Resolutions so it does not need to go through Synod approval and full Congregation vote to change at later date.  Can be done with Council approval.  The following revisions were made:

  • Maintenance person shall have $200 (to remain same) per event in petty cash to purchase necessary items to do repairs. Purchase of higher cost needs to be requested from Supervisor (B&G Chairperson).
  • B&G (volunteer and/or Maintenance) shall have spending authority up to $1,500 (changed to $2,500) per planned expenditure for repair.
  • Emergency Repairs shall require use of preferred Vendor first and shall be as they are – impossible to put a spending limit on, keeping B&G Chairperson informed.
  • Other planned repairs/replacements: need to get bid from at least 2 vendors if expenditure is between $500-$1,500 (changed to $1,000 – 2,500); 3 vendors if greater than$1,500 (changed to $2,500).
  • If needing to replace a current vendor of a contracted service such as lawn mowing, lawn protection, snow removal, B&G needs to get a minimum of 2 bids.


Grout of Ceramic Flooring:  Al Rosendahl is looking for a product to clean/upgrade it in order to preserve.  Will be contact with Betts re: that.

Status of Routine Maintenance:  Per Brad no issues and up to-date.

B&G Expenditures and Budget:  The current status was distributed. Kate will be setting up a meeting with Gail, Treasurer and/or Doris, Financial Clerk so she has a better understanding how this works.  She will put out a notice and anyone can join in that meeting if they want.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35.                 Recorder, Jan Olson