Building & Grounds Minutes – Oct. 8, 2019

Present:  Betts Nikolai, Daryl Ramlow, Lou Zwicky, Dave Smolinski, Tom Zillges, Kate Pfaendtner, Rick Pierre, Warren Winter, Brad Gasper, Jan Olson

Kate opened meeting at 6:30 with a prayer and then introduced herself to the group.  Rick is also new to the group and was welcomed.

Building Security:  Jill has asked we address the security system.  The Swipe Card system has not worked in some time.  The group suggested the best way of getting an accurate listing of who all has keys, if that is the issue, is to ask that everyone turn theirs back in and then those who really need theirs, are re-issued the appropriate level.  No conclusion

Fiber Optic Cable:  As requested last month by Pr Kevin.  Brad will work with Daryl who is familiar with the issue.  Dave S. also offered to help.

East Door Replacement:  We will ask Albright Construction to do the project as LaForce has not been responsive.  Since, Brad had Steve from Albright here – they need to work with Block Iron.  They will move forward and the project should be done by Thanksgiving. Since we had previously signed a contract with LaForce, Kate will send a letter informing them that due to their non-response re: getting this scheduled, we have determined we need to go with another company.

Sanctuary Ceiling:  While Steve from Albright was here, he looked at our Sanctuary Ceiling.  He says it can be spray painted with a newer type paint, that will not add much weight.  He will be sending a quote.  The alternative is to purchase the appropriate paint, rent the lift, etc. and Ed will donate the labor to do it.  We have no timeline.

Deferred Maintenance and/or Replacement: Kate is asking that various items be looked at by a Vendor for estimated longevity and a quote for the purpose of hopefully building an emergency fund so we can repair/replace as needs occur or be proactive prior to having a crisis. The following will be looked at:

  • Youth Room – get quotes for upgrading basement including egress window, etc. vs adding a manufactured home vs a stick addition
  • Parking lot sealing and resurfacing
  • Roof repair/replacement
  • Siding repair/replacement
  • All flooring repair/replacement – Betts meeting with A. Rosendahl on 10/16
  • Sign – already have a quote and options done on 10/2018
  • Kitchen stove/oven upgrades
  • Continue to upgrade Electrical systems to resolve poor original installation and portions that are against code
  • HVAC upgrades/replacements: Brad met with Ryf’s on 10/9 for inspection – 1 furnace had a cracked heat exchanger & bad gas valve.  We had the valve available and the heat exchanger is covered under warranty, including labor — parts are on order.

No timeline or assignments were done on these various items.

Cleaning Basement of nonessential items:  toys will be done on Sunday with Clean-up; Rick volunteered to work with Youth to remove things once we know what is to be discarded.

Fall Clean-up:  done Oct 13 with good attendance – approximately 20 adults and 5 kids helped.  Accomplished:  Inside:  Wiped down window sills, ledges, baseboards, cabinets and front of bar in Coffee bar area, all inside windows; hauled non-used toys out (to go to Thrift), swept and mopped basement and back stairway areas.  Outside:  blew out debris and leaves from around building, trimmed perennials, Brad went up on roof and checked shingles as well as roof exhauster – belt and fan will be replaced.

Hallway Painting:  partially done and Ray will continue to get that done.

Routine Maintenance Duties:  Brad taking care of and will be marking it on the Spreadsheet.

Salt Supply:  taken care of.

Muskrat Trapping: Brad knows a fellow (lives close) who does that and will ask.  If he can’t, he will let Tom know as he also knows of a person who does that.

Snow Removal:  Tom will contact Charles Ingels to be sure they are aware we will continue to use them for snow shoveling.

Next Meeting:  November 12 at 6:30

Jan will put periodic blurbs in Newsletter to keep congregation informed on work being done; meeting closed at 7:50 pm.

Recorder, Jan Olson