PRESENT:  Tom Zillges, Betts Nikolai, Warren Winter, Dave Smolinski, Jan Olson, Brad Gasper


Meeting opened by Betts at 6:30 with distribution of Roster for updated information.

Dave was welcomed as a new attendee to this Team.  Then Brad introduced himself to the group – came on board mid-August.  WELCOME BRAD and DAVE!

Chairperson: Only person from congregation who expressed possible interest is Kate Pfaendtner.  Several people from the congregation were approached and they all said no.  The group acknowledged Kate had done an excellent job a few years ago.  The only person from present Team was Tom, who offered to do it if no one else would, but his concerns are the paperwork/communication plus he travels south for weeks at a time.  After discussion, the group okayed re-checking with Kate.  Outcome:  Kate Pfaendtner will be our Chairperson.  Thank you, Kate and welcome back!


Monthly/Quarterly Task List:  Brad is working his way thru and has no concerns at present. He is in process of installing a sink and cabinet and shelves in the new Youth Room.  He will also repair the hole made by a door knob in the 3/4 grade SS Room.

Quarterly sprinkler inspection scheduled for 9/19 and for this time only, both Warren and Brad have agreed to be here.

Contact for that and the alarm systems needed to be updated with the correct company.  Betts will ask the secretaries to do that in this order:  1st  Brad; 2nd Warren; 3rd Daryl.  On 9/11: done by Ellen to a company listed now as COPS Monitoring.   US Fire does the inspections and can they be told to contact Brad to get that set-up in the future?

East Door Frame Replacement:  this had been approved many months ago with LaForce, Inc, contact person – Kayle Makurat (Cell No: 920-615-9255).  Brad has attempted to contact him and left messages three times.  He will continue to call and in the mean time will start with prepping just the door.

Hallway Painting:   Ray Zegers has scheduled himself to start that 9/23.  The paint is already here.

Weed Control:   Tom has told Green Boyz to do the Fall application. Their contact info will be added to our Preferred Vendor List.

Salt for Water Softener:  per Warren, we now have an account set up with Dale Cooperative.  A load will be re-delivered on Thurs. the 12th.

Pr Kevin Requests:  Brad shared that Pr Kevin had sent him an email requesting at least looking at the following:

  1. Re-check HDMI cable to the Projector in the Sanctuary. Jan read the minutes from 3/19 B&G meeting, so Brad is updated on what has previously been done.  Daryl should be the contact for that.
  2. Along with the above, install 2 speakers in the Gathering Space. Speakers are here.
  3. Re-assess the basement for possible build-out of a portion into Youth or Sunday School room(s). It will involve addressing the egress window issue again and perhaps the possibility of an elevator or Lift installation. We are growing out of our building!
  4. Feasibility of networking all our computers so they talk to each other. Brad stated he does not have that expertise.


Fall Clean-Up:  We set Sunday, Oct.13th right after second service.  Betts will communicate that thru the channels.

Blackened Sanctuary Ceiling:  Jan gave a brief history of that and what had been previously tried.  Brad, in checking and changing furnace filters feels the one’s in the Sanctuary are the wrong size and he has adjusted those.  This led to discussion on yearly furnaces, duct work, and grate inspection and cleaning. Warren has recommended that for some time.  Brad was given the okay to contact Ryf Heating and get it scheduled when he can be here, before year-end when we have budgetary room for it.  Plus, we will add that to the yearly maintenance schedule for Fall.

Painting Sanctuary Ceiling:  Jan had our painter of the past (Ed Veith, Professional Painter) suggest he could spray paint it effectively to cover the blackened areas.  He is offering to look at it, would do the labor gratis, we would pay for paint and supplies, a lift to come in, etc.  Ed not available till after Oct. 1.

Jan has now given Ed and Brad each other’s contact numbers to coordinate schedules and when a Lift would be brought in, etc. Brad or Jan to report back on progress.

Kate’s Input:  Would like to get another Acoustical Ceiling ‘Expert’ in to give us an opinion as first step.  Ideally, Brad and Ed would be present at this meeting and inspection.

Kitchen Dish Sanitizer: Jan gave brief history and why we are not using it, price Krumenauer would give us for it, and her suggestion:  Sell it, Krumenauer’s do the work on it, monies go into a special fund and ask any members who feel motivated and that we need an upgraded oven/stove top to contribute till we have enough money built up to purchase a system like Jen-Aire.  Recommendation was to take that to Council next meeting and get their input.  Jan will do that, hopefully next Council meeting.

2020 Budget:  Due 9/20 – Jan will run 2019 numbers out to 12 months and submit.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40.   Next Mtg:  October 8th at 6:30. Please send agenda items to Kate Pfaendtner.


Submitted, Jan Olson, Secretary B&G