Thank you B&G team for another great year – you are truly appreciated at Lord of the Lakes!


PRESENT:  Neil Bjornstad, Tom Zillges, Betts Nikolai, Warren Winter, Dennis Cartwright

The meeting for this month was held between services sue to conflicts in scheduling.

SPRING CLEANING is scheduled for May 19 from 11 – 1 or 2.  There will be a light lunch first with Betts picking up lunch meat, bread, pickles, and chips.  Jan will make a dessert.  There is a signup sheet on the kiosk with 14 people on it.


  • Wipe down window sills and ledges
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Wipe down tables and Chairs
  • Wipe down counter and front of Breakfast Bar
  • Clean (sweep and mop) back hall and stairs down to basement
  • Reorganize and sweep basement
  • Clean windows (include those in doors)
  • Wash and Wax Sanctuary floor – ask participants at 2nd service to help move chairs off tile floor prior to leaving
  • Wipe down kitchen cupboards. Upper and lower as well as under upper units; spot wipe walls as needed


  • Check to see if bird nests are an issue and get down*
  • Pick up garbage and debris around grounds
  • Blow leaves out of bushes and from around landscape and building


  • Power Wash Building – estimated to take about ½ day if have 2 teams
  • In conjunction with that – clean gutters
  • Check roof exhauster valves and oil as needed (Jon should be present for that)

Grass has been seeded around patio and is starting to come

Green Boyz, Inc. has been contacted and will do Weed and Feed this Spring – cost $475.  Suggest we also repeat in Fall but will evaluate at that time

Parking Lot upgrade: Arranged for early summer; had quoted $9,000 but d/t severe winter and many more cracks occurring, likely could cost approximately $2000 more.  Council has approved.

Sprinkler System Update:  Jon and Neil still looking at feasibility of Jon doing some of it but need to be sure we have appropriate insurance coverage.

24 Ft Ladder: has been purchased from Lowes by Dennis with exempt status discount as well his Veteran discount

Still To Be Done:  back door replacement and painting hall on east wing

Maintenance Man:  to date, Jon is working out very well, is up to-date on worksheets, etc.

Communication thru summer:  Please be sure to keep everyone in the loop via email.  Roster with updated contact info distributed as well as attached with this mailing.  Will meet only as needed.

Next Meeting:  September 10 at 6:30.  Submitted by Jan Olson, Recorder

Addendum:  Spring Cleaning event was very well attended – had 20 adults and about 10 young people who helped.  All tasks were accomplished by 1 pm.  Only thing not done, was birds nest at entrance so that will need to be done at later date when eggs have been hatched* and Jon or someone has a tall ladder out.