APRIL 11, 2019

PRESENT:  Neil Bjornstad, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow. Jon Fenrich, Jan Olson, Betts Nikolai

Correction to March minutes:  they say Feb 12, 2019 and it should be March 12, 2019.  There was no meeting in February.  Roster for B&G Team updated.

We introduced and welcomed Jon Fenrich as our new Maintenance person.  Jon stated he had been in earlier this week and got started with his duties.  He worked with Jill re: the binder in the office and completed things written in there: planted grass seed around the patio slab, replaced an outlet on the island in the kitchen, painted an area of hallway north wall so pictures can be hung.   When the meeting was done, Neil and Warren did a walk through of the building, showing him primary areas he would need to know.  Jon says he has a key to get into the building but does not have a master key to get into office areas which he will need.


Neil went thru monthly tasks with Jon and they will contact Tim re: questions on exact dates on some of the areas.



Parking Lot:  We are on the schedule of Valley Sealcoat; they will notify our office to work with our schedule as we need to stay off it overnight.

East end door:  Jon to work with LaForce re: scheduling when weather is warmer.  Jon will do the painting of the door.

Painting Hallways:  Paint and supplies are here; still waiting for Ray to have time to do it.



Ladder Purchase:  Dennis has looked at it and will purchase from Lowe’s. Criteria: lightweight, fiberglass, 24 Ft or greater, Class 3.  Dennis needs a truck and he will work with Verne Olson to pick it up,

Vestibule cover over sprinkler system pipe:  Warren has that on his agenda.



Spring Clean-up scheduled for May 19; we will get the word out.  Jon will blow debris out of the air conditioner units, especially on the south side d/t it’s proximity to fern trees.

Shopko Sign:  suggestion to check if Shopko is selling their digital sign and if it could be moved.  Jan talked to Shopko management on 4/12 and the sign is not ‘for sanle.’  They were asked to keep Lord of the Lakes in mind if anything changes on this.

Fire Pit: Betts reported she spoke with Alec Bricco and he will lead the Boy Scout troop in seeing that it is cleaned up and then maintained thru the summer.

Lawn Contracts:  reminder that contracts need to be renewed for Jerry Clark, mower and with Green Boyz for fertilizer and weed control.


Recorder, Jan Olson