PRESENT:  Neil Bjornstad, Lou Zwicky, Betts Nikolai, Jan Olson

MONTHLY TASK UPDATE:  Furnace/Air Handler filter replacement should be done in January.  Neil will check with Tim to be sure that gets done.


  • Emergency Lighting Battery replacement: appear to have been completed
  • East end door Repair/Painting: B&G group had chosen LaForce to do the project last month, pending final quote and opinion on reusing the same door.  That quote came with a reduction of $532.00, bringing the final bid to $2666.00.  Neil will see that the contract gets to Council for their final approval and signature.  We hope to have this done in Spring or early Summer.
  • Painting Hallways: per Betts, Ray Zegers is still planning on doing it but has been delayed d/t unforeseen issues.  Will hopefully get it done in February
  • Electrical Compliance Issues: Daryl reported to Neil that the all the work in the kitchen has been completed.  He also is working on the timers for the outside lights that have gotten off time, particularly the perimeter lights.  It has been suggested that we (Lord of the Lakes) gift Daryl with gift cards (gas and/or restaurant) as an appreciation for all the work he has done.  Neil will follow-up on that.


  • Inside Message Board: Neil reports the computer in the office that drives the furnaces has a DVI connection and should be usable for the Board.  Neil will FU with Pr Kevin on his questions re: who will do the input on the computer, when he wants it to run, and what it will all be used for.  It was questioned why we are doing this when there are many other needs re: finances.
  • Patio: Correction to Minutes from December meeting – Lord of the Lakes paid for the cost of the concrete, the labor was donated by Bomanite.  Also, it has been requested that we do not put a plaque up re: memorial.  There will be continued research on benches and picnic tables prior to Spring.
  • Parking Lot Seal Coating: Tom Zillges is strongly recommending Valley Sealcoat as our Vendor to seal coat and stripe our parking lot in 2019.  They have sent a new quote/contract for $9,143.00 + 10% plus or minus due to price changes in materials when the project actually gets done.  The contract will also go to Council for final approval and signature prior to Valley Sealcoat Co putting us on their schedule for Spring or early summer.


  • Sanctuary Heating Problems: Gartman was here on 12/12 (cost $230) but it is unknown what the outcome/work done was.  It was reported that there is a decision to keep the temp up at all times due to damage done to the musical instruments if left too cool.  Neil will FU with Tim.  It is also suggested we have at least 1 or 2 others aware of how the system works and what to do for adjustments when issues occur.
  • Attendance: The importance of having Tim attend these meetings was discussed as we end up with multiple unanswered questions.  Neil will FU with Tim.
  • Garage: Lou has been cleaning out the garage and is almost done. He questioned a couple pieces of equipment and need for them.

NEXT MEETING:  March 12 at 6:30. February skipped due to at least 3 people will be gone.                                                                                                                   Recorder:  Jan Olson