BUILDING & GROUNDS – October 9, 2018


PRESENT: Neil Bjornstad, Tim White, Warren Winter, Tom Zillges, Lou Zwicky, Dennis Cartwright, Jan Olson                           Neil opened meeting at 6:30.


  • HVAC Filter replacements have been ordered
  • Window washing – will be added in ‘to do’ for Fall Clean Up
  • Quarterly sprinkler inspection occurred on 9/24 and went fine per Warren

Add following to inspection/task schedule – Neil will check with Jill to accomplish the additions:

  • Monthly: Emergency lighting module battery checks; Tim has ordered batteries
  • Quarterly: Air compressor oil level and belt inspection/replacement
  • Seasonally: Test and shut off/turn on valves on 4 outside faucets


  1. 1. Water softener salt supply – ordered. However, Tim feels Softener may not be working – salt was added a month ago and it has not gone down much; he will check with Derek on that.  Dennis also suggested a form be posted by Softener in case someone else has added salt – indicating date, how much added, name of person adding salt.
  2. 2. Sprinkler System inspection/addressing air leak: Tim is attempting to still connect with Alliance Fire
  3. 3. East end door repair/painting/replacement: Omni/Block Iron sent a quote of $1252 for frame and door replacement (unsure if that includes labor too – Tim will follow-up); Tim is asked to get at least one more quote from another company.
  4. 4. Painting Hallway: Betts has not gotten an answer back from Ray Zegers – will follow up again.  Even if he doesn’t have time to do entire hall, to at least cover mural.
  5. 5. Patio project: backfill with topsoil was scheduled for Men’s Betterment Group and had to be cancelled d/t rain.  Dave Klemp had dropped some off that he was not using – likely is not enough.  Ordered 12 yds of pulverized black dirt from Zillges’ and project is now scheduled on 10/17.
  6. 6. Picnic Table for patio: Jan had checked with Lake Breeze and they no longer had the Thermoplastic tables; looking on the Internet, they come in round or square with 4 attached benches (hold 8 people) with cost of about $600; a traditional style (also hold 8 people) with cost of $580.  Group felt we could use 3 tables.  Group was asked to look at local stores, vendors over the winter to see what is available and cost.  Jan and Verne also have a traditional style table they are willing to donate – made of steel and a composite material but needs cleaning up or painting.  Otherwise in decent shape.  They will store it over winter and address in Spring.
  7. 7. Cabinet install in Youth Room: will add to Fall Clean Up list (bring upstairs and mount on wall)
  8. 8. Lose handle on inside Entrance Door: Tim had tightened a couple times and it doesn’t stay.  Will get quote from Omni.
  9. 9. Closure on entrance door to kitchen door adjusted so it doesn’t slam. Per Tim it happens as weather changes and there is expansion and contraction.


  1. 1. FALL CLEAN UP: Set for October 28th which worked best for majority of B&G folks.  Scheduled from 11 – 1:30. Lite lunch at 11 (Jan to arrange food) and then will do projects that involve kitchen and Sanctuary first – have a group using those areas with set-up at 1pm and their event starting at 2pm.  Betts to write up list of projects on Flip Chart and have up at least one Sunday in advance.
  2. 2. Outdoor Sign: Tom presented a quote and specs from Appleton Sign on 4 types of new outdoor signs.  Cost ranges from $9,000 (no lights, can shine a spotlight on it) up to $30,000 digital signage.  We can start with a basic/lower cost and retrofit it later to work up to the Digital style.  Neil will take the handouts to Council this next Tues – if unable to make that meeting, he will call Tom to do that.  Group feel Council will not be able to justify that cost but Jan feels it should be presented and hopefully Council will at least put a projected timeline on the project – like in 3 years or 5 years or whatever.  Joe Groholski was also getting a quote from another company.
  3. 3. Inside Message Board: Neil continuing to research via his sources at work.  He had questions re: will it run continuously or be used intermittently.  He feels the screen should be at least 50 inches.  It was suggested it should be usable for groups watching videos or movies.
  4. 4. Seal Coating and Stripe Parking Lot: Tom had it re-quoted and that is $9,000 and needs to be done in 2019.  Perhaps Neil or Tom can inform Council of that also at their Oct. meeting.

NEXT MEETING:  November 13th at 6:30

Meeting closed at 7:30.                                                                 Respectfully submitted, Jan Olson