MEMBERS PRESENT: Neil Bjornstad, Tim White, Joe Groholski, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow, Tom Zillges. Betts Nikolai, Jan Olson
Meeting opened at 6:30pm and Neil presented the agenda. Majority of input is from Tim with others adding as needed.


1. Furnace Filters/Supply: Just replaced; will need both sizes purchased in October
2. Water Softener/Salt supply: Just filled this past Sat. and there are 18 bags left (enough for approx. 6 months). Tom mentioned there is a shortage on salt and advised purchasing more soon. Vendor: Larsen Coop – question raised on their location as the Larsen site is thought to have closed.
3. Fire Sprinkler Inspections: Warren was present at the June inspection; next one Sept. 24 at 12 noon – Tim able to be here for that.
4. Fire Sprinkler Air Compressor/cycling frequency: A new commercial grade compressor was installed; old one is working and question was asked if it should be attempted to be sold on sale portion of Fall Festival. Two issues with new one: a}. smaller storage tank; b). there is a leak in the system, thought to be coming from the piping in the canopy over the front entrance and causing the compressor to cycle 32 times/day (every 42 minutes) so the longevity of the compressor will be shortened. Two solutions: short term the oil should be checked and belt checked monthly – to be added to Tim’s list. Alliance Fire did previous repair when we had frozen pipes in the front entrance and they should be asked to schedule a time to find and repair the leak and start with the canopy/entrance area with their search. Tim will follow-up with Alliance Fire.
5. Roof Exhauster Inspections (operation/belt condition): At present the bathroom one is the only one working. There are two more – kitchen and sanctuary. They have been oiled and belts checked. However, Tim unable to find the switches for the last two. Daryl will try to track those controls down with the goal of getting the kitchen exhaust functional.
6. Kitchen disposals/drains: no concerns. Need to get someone to check the grease trap as it was last done 2 years ago. Tim to FU (follow up).
7. Office door Keys: Present system is working and Jill has tracked down and verified that all keys are with the person assigned to them; she will continue to track that as needed. We have 3 levels of keys: a Master Key that gets one in anywhere in the building; a secondary key that lets one into the building and into the office (but not the safe room, Youth/financial room or pastor office); a key/swipe card to lets one into the building only.
8. Parking Lot repairs/Seal Coating: Repairs to man hole covers has been well done; the company giving bid on seal coating the lot say we can get another year out it as it presently is. Council has asked for it to be looked at closer as our members ask about it since it is a more visible area of need. Also needs to be re-stripped. Tom will again get bids by next Spring with seal coat and stripping being itemized and issue will be revisited in Spring.
9. Batteries – emergency lighting, smoke detectors, alarm system: Tim in process of checking and replacing as needed
10. East door rust/painting: Per Tim, Omni is scheduled to come and repair or replace.
11. Youth Room storage: Tim is looking for alternative; it was suggested some of the cabinetry from basement may be usable for this. If deciding to use that, Tim will ask Men’s Betterment group to help make that happen.
12. Painting of Hallways: Ray Zegers has expressed an interest in doing it – Betts will Follow up with him.
13. Concrete Slab completion: The church paid for the concrete (13 yds) and all labor and equipment were donated. Kudo’s to the Men’s group for prep work & overseeing project. Tim replaced siding that had to be removed and is working with the down spouts over that area. Other impacts: Backfilling and grass seeding — suggest using a seed mat and doing prior to Fall Fest on 9/29 and Tim will FU; extra crushed stone – Betts will check with her son who has a skid loader to move it to fire lane area on the south side of our lot.
14. Weed patrol/mulch spreading: Green Boys company has done an excellent job – will return this fall and do another application only if needed. Bev Raatjes has overseen those doing weeding in the landscaped areas as well as spreading mulch and done an excellent job. Thanks to all participants. Betts will be sure Bev is aware the small amt of mulch in a pile near out-building needs to be taken care of before ‘snow plowing’ season. Boy Scout Troop 629 did a good job cleaning up the fire pit however it now needs ongoing weeding and care. Betts will talk with Rhonda Bricco (Scout/Lord of the Lakes liaison person) about it.
15. General Building Condition: a). Tiles in Sanctuary spreading at two areas, appear to be where seams are in concrete underneath – Al Rosendahl had previously inspected and said there is no easy way to repair without making problem more obvious and that when washing should not put much water on. Darlene will be reminded of that. Will keep an eye on issue this winter when problem seems to become more obvious and perhaps get quotes on replacing entire floor sometime in future. b). Most outside faucets are not working and those that are, leak. Tim was described where valves are in basement to be checked to see if are turned on. Also reminded that valves in basement need to be turned off and drained in prep for winter.
16. Proposal on new outdoor sign: Will continue to look at creating a new structure that can be retrofitted at a later date to accommodate an Electronic/computerized sign.
17. Prolon/HVac System: After discussion, Tim will reach out to John Barikmo to attempt to get recommendation on a company we can rely on for trouble shooting. Also Neil will contact a local company, MCM Air if they have capability of handling parts of our commercial HVac system.

NEW BUSINESS: 1. Picnic Tables for Patio: target date—April, 2019. Decided wood tables not a good solution re: weathering. Jan will check with Lake Breeze to see if still have steel/rubberized tables that they no longer use. Outcome: they sold them.
2. Men’s Betterment Group: Looking for projects to get involved in re: building/land upgrades so keep them in mind. Tim suggested upgrading landscaping around the south wings of the building now that the patio is in.
3. Fall Clean-Up: Needs to be scheduled around the Packer schedule. Jan will Follow up.
4. Council’s proposal for indoor digital sign: This would go on the office wall (east wall) of narthex. Daryl will Follow up and we can proceed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm. Next meeting: October 9th at 6:30 pm Recorder, Jan Olson