Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2018 & May 13, 2018

 Betts opened meeting at 6:45 P.M.  (May 8)    The following were present: Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow Dennis Cartwright, Tom Zillges,  & Betts Nikolai.   Due to lack of attendance new meeting was rescheduled for Sunday, May 13th.  Betts opened May 13th Meeting @9:15.  The following were present:  Neil Bjornstad, Tim White, Joe Groholski, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow, Tom Zillges, Lou Zwicky, & Betts Nikolai.

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Quarterly Furnace Filters were changed. Need to pick up more filters for Next change due in July.
  • Water Softner Salt checked & added.
  • Annual Inspection U.S. Alliance Fire due July


  • Daryl did check with his contact and they know of no one in the area who works with the Pro Lon System. Tim White will make contact with one of these three,  (Bredan Mechanical, Mared Mechanical, Just Services). We need to know if we are running the system correctly.


  • Daryl to meet with US Alliance Fire Protection on Monday, May 14th, to replace pressure switch, (Daryl ordered switch when problem arose last week, he does have switch. At that time they will try to locate leak in the system.  He thinks the leak is somewhere in the front entrance area.  We had a frozen pipe in January which was taken care of, and seems like around that time we starting having issues with the compressor.
  • See attached email from Daryl regarding Compressor.

Old Business:

  • Spring Clean-Up took place on Sunday, April 22nd after 2nd A small lunch was served and then we tackled inside projects.  Carpet cleaned in sitting area next to office.  (Sitting area next to kitchen had been down a couple of weeks before). All base boards and window sills dusted and wiped down.  All tables and chairs wiped down. Counter & down the front of counter in gathering area wiped down.  Back foyer & Stairs going to the basement were  swept & mopped.  Youth Room floor completed.  (Finished removing gummy substance from tape and paint),  Then scrubbed and 3 coats of wax applied.  Recycables (keyboards, printers, cables ect) were brought up from basement on Saturday and recycled. Batteries were checked in the Emergency Exit Lights.  Attempted to pick debris up around outside of building, but due to Snow was unable to complete.  Thank you to all who helped !!!  You Make A Difference!
  • Received several monetary donations for Mulch, along with a pick-up truck load that was donated. We received more than enough donations so any of the extra will be used for projects throughout the year.  Thank you to everyone for making this possible.
  • Spring Lawn weed & fertilizing will be taken care of based on weather & vendor schedule.
  • Keys:  Tim attempted to change lock on office door, needed to order a commercial grade one.  It is not much more to have someone come in and key/drill in new lock for the office door.  That would then take care of the problem.   We decided to go ahead with that .

Outdoor Signs:

  • No new updates

New Business:

  • Check Emergency Exit Light batteries was added to the Quarterly Maintenance List.
  • Betts did contact Beverly Raatjes, she agreed to head up weed Patrol group. Names and Telephone numbers were e-mailed to her.  Thank you Beverly for agreeing to head this up.  Lou Zwicky will take care of spraying weeds around building.
  • Betts contacted Doris, our financial secretary . She will e-mail a monthy report as to Bills paid for Monthly Maintenance and repairs. This will keep everyone updated as to when things were completed & cost. This report will be sent out with meeting notes.
  • Betts informed group that she is stepping down as Secretary for Building & Grounds as of September, 2018. She will continue to to be involved with the team, just not in the Secretary role.  Jan Olson agreed to take over as Secretary.   Thank You Jan!!
  • Disscussed Communication among team members of Building & Ground. Need to keep eachother informed of projects/ monthly maintenance/ repairs/ & issues via email.   Thank you everyone for all that you do.

Parking Lot :  

Error made on my part last month…. The estimate we received was from Valley Seal Coat NOT Fox Valley.  My apologies for that error.  Council did approve the first phase.  Proposal was signed and sent back.  This should begin in the next couple of weeks.


  • Neil did contact Ray Zegers regarding painting of the back hall. He will handle this as his schedule allows.

Concrete Slab:

  • At this time, still in the planning. First thing that needs to be done is marking the underground conduit feeding the condensing unit.  Tom Z. will get someone to come out and mark it. .   NOTE:    See attached email from Daryl regarding Conduit.
  • Betts did contact Tom to let him know he did not need to get his contact out to mark this.   Thank You Tom & Daryl for handling this.

Summer Projects, Maintenance & Repairs that need to be completed:

Please update as these are completed.  Thank You.

  • Parking Lot (Phase 1)   Valley Seal Coat
  • Weed & Feed Lawn Green Boyz
  • Mulch Zillges
  • Finish Power Washing of Building Tim to get group together  (Summer or Fall)
  • Painting of Back Hall Ray Zillges
  • Repair of Back Door & Paint Tim White
  • Motors to be switched out on Roof Exhauster Air Handling System (Tim to get group together to complete this.)
  • Storage Cabinet for Youth Room Tim White to get in place with help of group.
  • Key for office.
  • Compressor
  • Down spout back of building needs to be repaired. Tim
  • Eave Troughs need to be checked for leaves and debris. Tim

Next B & G Meeting is Tuesday,  September 11, 2018,  Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai