Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes, April 10, 2018

 Neil opened meeting at 6:37 P.M.    The following were present:  Neil Bjornstad, Warren Winter, Dennis Cartwright, Lou Zwicky, Tom Zillges, Jerry Bruss, & Betts Nikolai

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Quarterly Furnace Filters to be changed
  • Check Water Softner Salt


  • No new updates. Daryl will update us on status of the contacts interested in reviewing our System at the next meeting.  (Bredan Mechanical, Mared Mechanical, Just Services)


  • A metal connection tube attached to one of the furnaces behind the sanctuary was broke off. Ryf was called out and it was replaced.   $167.00

He said it was probably bumped or hit with something.  Tim did put a sign up to make people aware when they are moving things around back there to be careful.

  • On 03/27/18 Warren was called by Office Staff because all the alarms were going off. He also got a call from U.S. Fire alerting him of the Alarms.  S. Fire did arrive on scene, as well as the Fire Dept. and all alarms were shut off.  A air compressor fitting came off, probably due to vibration over 15 years.  Fitting was replaced, lines were drained, and re-initialized system.  Cost was somewhere around $600.00

Old Business:

  • Youth Room Floors, (Tape is almost completely removed). Betts will get solvent to remove gummy substance left). Will scrub & wax at Spring Clean-Up
  • Security System update None reported.
  • Parts are here for Flag. (Tim will get it up this week).
  • Project for Interior Digital Sign will be submitted to Council.
  • Spring Lawn weed & fertilizing will be taken care of based on weather & vendor schedule.
  • Keys:  Per Jill there is a Primary Key & Secondary Key.   We were handing  Electronic swipe cards out to people who needed to get into the Building for special events etc.  These only let you into building…. (no access to Offices).

Outdoor Signs:

  • Lou did stop at the Golf Place on GG to check out sign. The owner said it was purchased.
  • Daryl was going to check with a couple sign companies to get an idea of cost. We will get that report next month.

New Business:

  • Need to check with Daryl to see if he knows if Smoke Alarms & Emergency Exit Lights are battery operated.
  • Down Spout back of building needs to be repaired.  Neil to make Tim aware of.
  • Weed Control around building and in garden area will be handled like last year with the Weed Patrol volunteers. We had great response!  Thank You to everyone who participated.  Betts will get a sign up sheet up and get things going on this.
  • MULCH! We need mulch the front garden area.  Very little left, and it does help with the weeds.  We did get a quote last year and it was somewhere in the $500.00 – $600.00 range.  We did have some people who couldn’t help with the weeding who made a donation toward that.  Betts to ask congregation to help with donations toward this project.

Parking Lot :  

Tom Zillges did get estimate from Fox Valley . They suggested if we don’t have the funds to do  it completely to do the cut out, the other cracks, and the drains, and then in a year do the recoat of entire parking lot.  Neil does have the proposal and will take to Council with the recommendation that we do the cut out, other cracks, & drain repairs.

  • Where there are several cracks that are close together, they recommend cutting out, cleaning out, filling in and resealing. 3 year warranty. Estimate to do that would be $2021.00
  • To take care of the other cracks and Seal $1835.00
  • There are 2 drains in parking lot with the man hole covers. Covers were removed and area around covers were  around $2200.00
  • To recoat the entire parking lot $6160.00


  • The hall by Pastors Office and class rooms need to be painted. It was ok’d by council to paint over Mural.  Neil to contact Ray Zegers to see if he wants to take this project on.

Spring Clean-Up: 

  • Date was set for Sunday, April 22nd, after 2nd Betts will get information to Jill to get in the Bulletin.  I will get a sign up sheet up  Lunch will be provided before we start.

Concrete Slab:

  • Men’s group is interested in doing Concrete Slab project. Dennis Cartwright did do measuring and will get estimates.  Will then go to Council for approval.

Next B & G Meeting is Tuesday,  May 8,  2018 @ 6:30.  (This will be our last meeting until September as we usually break for the Summer months.),  Meeting adjourned at  7:34 P.M., Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai