Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2018

Neil opened meeting at 6:34 P.M.    The following were present:  Neil Bjornstad, Tim White, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow, Dennis Cartwright, & Lou Zwicky

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Back Flow Preventer Test due. Tim to set up as this is State required.
  • Furnace Filters were changed in January.
  • No Issues with Sidewalk Shoveling. (Charles Ingles)


  • Damper shut to 2% now.
  • Still issues with Sanctuary being chilly on Sunday Morning. It is not a furnace issue.  It was discussed on getting a Representative from Pro Lon to come to see if things are set up properly.   Neil to check into.

LED Lighting Upgrades:

  • Phase 2 of LED Lighting upgrade has been completed. Thank you Daryl & Warren for seeing this project through.   Thank you also Tom for getting a Lift to get this project completed.  We very much appreciate all that you Guys do!!

Old Business:

  • Youth Room Floors . Betts to take care of once the tape is removed.
  • Security System update

New Business:

  • A large donation was made to the Church. Discussion took place on use of monies .  Some of the ideas:
  1. Driveway Maintenance. (Fox Valley)
  2. Lawn Maintenance. (More than one application of fertilizer/ weed killer)
  3. Sign Project. (looking for ideas)
  4. TV for information from Kiosk. (Jeff Hendren)
  5. Slab with picnic tables (Dennis Cartwright)
  • Discussion on 2018 Budget

Next B & G Meeting is Tuesday,  March 13, 2018 @ 6:30.    

Meeting adjourned at  6:55 P.M., Meeting Minutes taken by Lou Zwicky & respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai