Meeting Minutes for Worship Team, November 14, 2017

 Present- Lani Stanek, Dana Hartel, Jody Kell, Mary Mueller, Pastor Kevin, Ellen Smolinski

The week before Thanksgiving  (Sun 22 of November) we would like to do a basket of thankfulness.  (write something you are thankful for and drop in a bucket…during service

Christmas Decorating- Two big trees with blue lights in front of large window on each side of entrance.   We may need one more big tree( if you know of one please let me know)  Possibly one or two manger scenes.  We will not be repeating the manger scene Sunday this year.  But perhaps again in the coming years.   We would like to drape blue fabric across the ceiling wires and possibly add lights within them.

Possibly a kids area by the coffee bar with a cardboard village play area.  I need to check with Tammie Voekel Fox on this.

For Advent- work with three themes (the fourth week won’t work because of when it falls on the calendar(Christmas eve this year) . The three themes will be Peace (dove shape perhaps), love (heart shape), and hope(cross shape).  With these themes we may hand out precut shapes to everyone on Sunday morning and have them fill out something that brings them peace, something they love, something that gives hope and place it on a tree set up in the aisle.  After the services that Sunday move that tree to the back of the altar.  So we will leave some spaces in the back to fill these trees in as Advent progresses.    Some question about when to do this in the service.  Possibly alongside the offering.  Have people come forward and drop offering in a plate and put up the decoration.  (We haven’t worked out the details on this and Pastor Kevin will discuss this more with Jody because of timing and possibly larger crowds.

There was some discussion about possibly spacing the chairs out more so there is more room in each aisle/row.

Pastor Kevin would like four people each Sunday in December to help distribute communion.