Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2017

 Betts opened meeting at 6:40 P.M.    The following were present: Warren Winter, Tim White, Tom Zillges, Lou Zwicky, Bill Grau  & Betts Nikolai

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Roof Exhauster Belt Inspection. This was done at Fall Clean Up.  Belt was replaced at this time.
  • Grease Pit inspection to be done in Sept. This will be done 10/16 – 10/17 when SBS installs new Hot Water Heater.
  • Fire Sprinkler System check. Took place on Wednesday, September 13th.  Drain that was plugged was taken care of at no Charge.  Had to cut out the wall board in the entrance area in order to get at the problem.  Was suggested we put some type of a door on that area so we can get at it in the future if we need to.
  • Quarterly Inspection due in December.

New Business:

  • Hot water Heater leaking.  Need to replace.  Spoke with Tim 10/16 and SBS is replacing 10/16 or 10/17.   They will also look at grease pit  and replace grate at that time.
  • Credit Card /Petty Cash Tim asked about a Credit Card or Petty Cash available for when he needs to pick up parts or supplies.  He did check with Jill/Pastor and they do have Petty Cash & a Credit Card available to use for this.
  • Roof Exhausters (3) Tim to swap out motors.   The one above the sanctuary is turned off, too noisy during service.  The one above the kitchen (motor seized).  Tim to swap out motors, so the one above the kitchen is running.
  • Winter shoveling: Need to Contact Charles to see if still willing to do & cost.  Betts did contact Neil to see if he would take care of this.
  • Snow Blower in shed. Not using.   Discussed selling.  Bill to take to Council to see if there are any objections.  It was then discussed if was ok’d by Council to make sure is in working condition, clean up and sell at Fall Fundraiser.


Terry is still working on documentation for this new ProLon System.

  • Thursday AM 10/04 Terry K. was here and found that two of the furnaces were not operating. He called ProLon and tried to trouble shoot over the phone. Warren and Daryl were called in. Daryl started testing circuits & found that two of the controllers were bad. They were an older version of the other four controllers that were put in.  Terry ordered 2 new ones. Daryl found that they were running at 27.7 volts and they were supposed to be running at 24. (Not under warranty).  Daryl did adjust all the controllers to 24 volts.  At this point we are just waiting for controllers to come in and then Daryl will install.

LED Lighting Upgrades:

  • Project to start in November.
  • Need Lift
  • Light out in parking lot to be taken care of when lift is here.
  • Tom to check out getting a trailer so we can save on Pick Up and Return of the lift.

Old Business: 

  • Talked with Courtney regarding garden area and Volley Ball Court. She was going to check to see if there was an interest.  Garden area was cleaned out, not sure who did that, possibly Boy Scouts.   She did update me in an e-mail and said there was interest in Volley Ball Court and they will clean that area out next Spring.  I did let her know that it was sprayed with weed killer and if they had time this fall yet to pull the weeds.
  • Tom did talk to guys about fall fertilizing & spraying lawn. They were going Check and see if it needed to be done and get in touch with office.
  • Grease Pit inspection steel grate that is in there needs to be replaced with plastic one. SBS Plumbing to look at when here.
  • Men’s Bathroom issue. Pastor did tell Tim to wait on ordering new toilet. Tim will talk to Derek to find out why it continues to plug. Need to address this with Neil to find out if he was getting an estimate and how we are proceeding with this issue.
  • Rusty door frame on East side of   Pastor did talk to Tim regarding wet wall and floor.  We have had this problem in the past.  Warren feels it happens when we get a hard rain & east wind that it comes in under door. Tim did check in to replacing frame. He said structurally it is fine.  He feels we could buy a repair kit  and replace bottom, and take care of the problem that way.  He thought the kit was around $80.00.
  • The computer downstairs have had hard drives destroyed. Need to be recycled.  Tim will look into.
  • Neil to reach out to Council on our Budget to see where we are at currently.

Fall Clean-up:     The following was Completed Sunday, October 1st after 2nd Service.

  • October 1st, Fall Clean-up took place. The following maintenance was completed Inside:  Sanctuary floors, washed & Waxed.   Window & door Ledges wiped down.  Tables & chairs in the gathering area, wiped down.
  • The following maintenance was completed outside. Bushes trimmed, Weeds pulled, debris picked up around building.
  • Roof Exhauster Belt was inspected & replaced with new one.
  • Exterior of Building was power washed. Finished about ½ of it.  Look at finishing that project at Spring Clean-up. Tim suggested doing every other year


Next B & G Meeting is  Tuesday, November 14  , 2017 @ 6:30

Meeting adjourned at  7:44 P.M., Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai