Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2017

 Neil opened meeting at 6:30 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Tom Zillges, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow , Tim White,  & Betts Nikolai

The Building & Grounds Team welcomed  Tim White.  Tim has accepted the position as our Maintenance Man at Lord of the Lakes.  He and his wife Katie along with their 5 children are members of our Church.  He currently works for Aurora and has been with them for 13 Years. He will be fulfilling the maintenance position on evenings & weekends.  He is also able to flex time at work, so if he needs to be at the Church he can be available.  The Team welcomes you Tim, and we look forward to working with you!

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Roof Exhauster Belt Inspection. Neil will get old belt to Dennnis Cartwright so he can pick up New Belt for Roof Exhauster Air Handler .

Three roof exhausters:   One above the bathrooms

One above the kitchen (not running, motor seized) should

Investigate at some point.)

One above the sanctuary (not running, turned off, too noisy

during service.)

  • Grease Pit inspection to be done in Sept. Neil does have a call into SBS Plumbing, (Derek Schaffer) in regard to Men’s Bathroom toilet issue.  He will talk to Derek regarding grease pit when he returns call.  In reference to grease pit…  Neil was not there when grease pit was cleaned, he needs to talk to Lou Zwicky to see if Seal was replaced.  If not replaced we should be able to pull it and check out.  Want to check to see how much build up.   (update after meeting,  Betts did talk to Lou, he will contact Neil in regard to Seal.
  • Window & door ledges to be cleaned. This will be done at Fall Clean-up.
  • Furnace Filters to be changed next month, Warren will check filter inventory and make sure we have enough. An account has been set up with the Vendor. Warren to check to see if we can charge.
  • Fire Sprinkler System check. Warren has that set up for Wednesday, September 13th at 1:00.  Also scheduled extra time to take care of problem with water not draining.  A drain is plugged.

New Business:

  • Alec Bricco addressed the B & G team and presented a plan for the Fire Pit. This was a project that he came up with for the Boy Scouts Troop.  They plan to clean it up,  dig it out, & make some new benches, and maintain it.   We ok’d it  from Building & Grounds, & Geoff H. Okayed it from Council.
  • Volley Ball court & raised garden are full of weeds. Betts to reach out to Youth Group.  What are plans, if not using dismantle & clean up.  If the timbers from the raised garden are treated Lumber see if they Boy Scouts want to use them.
  • Fall Lawn weed & fertilize…. Tom to get estimate.
  • Update Building & Grounds Team Contact Information (see Attachments)
  • Update Building & Grounds Team Emergency Contact Information (see Attachments)


  • No new status update from Terry.

LED Lighting Upgrades:

  • Daryl gave update on estimated Cost to complete project. (to be done in two phases)

Daryl is hoping the Church can kick in $1060.00 to buy the lamps.  Then when we get the rebate back will reimburse the Church, and have about $286.00 left to put toward phase 2.

  • Phase 2 will require down lights, cam lights & replacing dimmers as the ones we have will not work with LED. Daryl came up with $1600.00  The Balance of $286.00 we have left from phase 1 would bring it down to $1314.00.  We need to have a lift here for Phase 2 & Daryl suggest that we rent the lift for a week for $390.00 as it is more economical.  (That would bring the total to $1704.00 minus the Focus on Energy Rebate of $228.00 to $1476.00) There is a delivery & pick-up charge of $125.00 each for a total of $250.00. If someone has a trailer that can handle a 5000 lb. lift we could save on that charge as Daryl would pick up & return.
  • (Daryl will also investigate fixtures in the Sanctuary while he has lift, as the information on the plans are very vague).
  • Daryl is looking at starting project in November. Neil will present project to Council.
  • All Ballast & fixtures that are being replaced must be saved for Focus on Energy. We will offer the Ballast to the Thrift store as they have been selling them.
  • Neil to present to Council and we will proceed from there.
  • Neil did fill out a grant application for the monies we received from Thrift for Phase 1. We need to talk to Cindy Hendren in regard to grant application for Phase 2 to be done in 2018.
  • Daryl is estimating the we would save about $50.00 a month, $600.00 yr with Phase 1 being completed,  and once Phase 2 is complete around $1200.00 a year.

Old Business: 

  • Maintenance Position… Filled
  • Men’s Bathroom issue with the non-handicap toilet. Continues to plug.  Tim W. will pull off and ream and see what issue there is.  Depending on what is found he will make decision on how to proceed.
  • Parking Lot repair started. Cracks cleaned out and filled.  Should finish by end of week.

Re-seal, painting and striping to be put in the Budget for next year.

  • Pond Agent (anti-algae) was donated by Graunke’s . Two bottles downstairs, to be used next Spring/summer.
  • Rusty door on east side of Building. (Steel door with Steel frame)  Frame needs to be replaced.  Tim White to check into.
  • The computer downstairs have had hard drives destroyed. Need to be recycled.  Tim will look into.
  • Neil to reach out to Council on our Budget to see where we are at currently.

Fall Clean-up:     Scheduled for Sunday, October 1st after 2nd Service.

  • Waxing of Sancturay floors: to be done at Fall Clean-up
  • Powerwash Exterior of Building: to be done at Fall Clean-up  Need (2) Power Washers.

Tom will check into Power Washers from Kitz & Pfeil.

  • Window & Door Ledges.

Next B & G Meeting is  Tuesday, October 10  , 2017 @ 6:30.    

Meeting adjourned at  7:44 P.M. Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai