Youth Team Minutes 5.18.17
The Youth Team met at 5:30 pm.

Members in attendance: Kristen Bjornstad, Kimberly Radtke, Courtney Still

Mission Trip:

July 9 there will be a blessing for the trip during services. There will also be a parent meeting that day.
There will be a group building meeting in May, June and July. One of the meetings will be at the Schell’s home to enjoy their pool.
At one of the group building meetings Courtney would like to have youth who have attended mission trips before to be there to answer questions for youth who have not attended a mission trip before.

Youth Group:

Courtney would like to keep Youth Group going for summer. The middle school youth attend regularly, so they will have 2 sessions a month.
Courtney would like to meet with 9th and 10th grade youth to see what they would be interested in doing at Youth Group to hopefully get them to attend more regularly. She will start by offering one night a month and move to two if they begin attending.
Art nights have been successful and Courtney is looking for more variety of ideas to keep all the youth interested, especially the boys who do not necessarily enjoy painting.
Movie nights will be phased out due to not having the value Courtney originally intended.
It is a possibility that Youth Group will be partnering with Care Partners Assisted Living in Winneconne to go in and complete service projects, such as playing games, painting nails, helping serve a meal, etc. A sign-up sheet will be offered to give youth turns and to also provide community service hours for the high school youth.


At a recent meeting, Youth Team discussed revamping the confirmation program. We have not come to any decisions yet, but we are intending to keep the conversation going.

The next meeting will be on June 15.