Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2017

 Neil opened meeting at 6:40 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Daryl Ramlow, Warren Winter, Lou Zwicky, Joe Groholski, & Betts Nikolai

Maintenance Tasks:

  • Backflow Preventer test Neil to contack Kascade Plumbing to set up.
  • 5 year Fire Sprinkler Inspection Neil to set up appt. in March to coincide with Quarterly Inspection.
  • Lighting Repairs Daryl is taking care of this.  He will rent boom lift. This was scheduled for Friday, 2/17, however parts will not be in so this will be rescheduled.   Warren will come to help.  Also discussed starting to change out lights and switch to LED.  This is more expensive, but in the long run will save on Electrical bill.  Daryl suggested we start by doing one or two rooms at a time.  He will do some investigating on pricing. We can then get the information to Council.
  • Daryl will replace canopy lights with LED lights. This will be done at the time the boom is rented.  There will be no cost to the Church.   (Thank You Daryl!!)
  • Furnace Filters were changed in January by Warren. He will take care of ordering more filters.   Thank You Warren!!
  • Roof Exhauster Air Handlers: Need to check Belts   (located on roof by Sanctuary & Bathrooms.)


  • Terry Korus did report that Computer that ProLon Program is on died. This was loaded on Jill’s computer, so probably a blessing in that it probably should be on a different one than Jill’s.  Terry will be talking to Prolon to get help reloading this on a new computer.   Terry will continue to work on training documentation, and will keep us posted.

Old Business: 

  • Maintenance Position… Waiting to hear from Council
  • Jill would like someone at the Church about 2 hours a week. Lou, Warren, Daryl, & Dennis have been helping out when they can.   Thank you guys for all you do!!  You are appreciated!

 New Business:

  • Spring Clean-up Date set for Sunday May, 21 after 2nd
  • Betts to check with Jill on Fire Extinguishers… Who does this
  • Betts to check with Darlene on Carpet Cleaning product.
  • Lou is investigating Contracts & Pricing on Garbage /Recycle. He will report back to group when he has all the numbers.

 Next B & G Meeting is  Tuesday, March 14 , 2017 @ 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at  6:40 P.M., Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai