The meeting was opened with prayer by Pastor Kevin and then called to order.

Present:  Dana Hartel, Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Jody Kell, Margaret Kohl, Mary Mueller, Holly Nelson, Janet Olson, Lani Stanek, and Pam Ulness.


  • Jody expressed a desire to set the chairs in the sanctuary in a different pattern for the weekly Lenten services. Pastor mentioned that the speaker system isn’t always compatible with different setups for worshiping, but is workable.
  • On Good Friday, a back and forth narrative or “The Passion of our Lord According to Mark” narrative, copies of which Pastor Kevin handed out, was discussed and decided to be a good idea

Easter Sunday:

  • Jody suggested having the trumpeters again for worship services and the group agreed. A possible drum roll might be effective also.  Dana suggest having pastel colors for decorations.  If still available, the large paper flowers that once decorated the gathering area might be used again at Easter for decoration.
  • Pastor Kevin mentioned that an Easter Breakfast is scheduled, but it’s not definite whether the Youth Group and some other group will be responsible for that.

Church Outdoor Worship & Picnic Lunch:

  • Hopefully, after talking with Kristen Woods, we can arrange in July to have an outdoor worship service along with a picnic lunch afterwards on the river at the Wolf River Inn. It was mentioned that this also might be a possible ecumenical event.

Golf Outing:

  • Jan Olson reported that the last Golf Outing was very successful as an ecumenical event. It will be planned again this summer with Ruth’s Pantry and the Winneconne Area Assistance Center as the recipients of gifts.

Celebration of Reformation:

  • The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is being celebrated this year and the ELCA Synod is encouraging churches to schedule events relative to this celebration. October 29 is Reformation Sunday.
  • A presentation about the posting of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther may be presented on Reformation Sunday involving two or three of our church members as characters.
  • Marge Kohl made the suggestion that we frequently start the worship service with a Reformation hymn once a month for about three or four months this year. Since Reformation Sunday is the last Sunday in October, it might be wise to schedule it in on the last Sunday for the selected months.

Other Future Thoughts and Ideas:

  • During summer, it was suggested that we hold a worship service in the gathering area and open the doors to the back yard area to obtain more of an outside atmosphere. This is a good possibility and one that requires the cooperation of weather and insects.
  • Dana suggested the possibility of scheduling a special service (possibly similar to a healing service) during the Christmas holiday for those who are dealing with hardship, loss of a loved one, health problems, etc. It could be held on a Saturday or Sunday evening.   Linda Wein’s name was mentioned as a possible resource person.
  • Jody suggested a possible theme sometime this year could center around “Praying/Prayers.” Another theme mentioned was the “Will of God for our Lives.”
  • Pastor Kevin announced that the Thanksgiving Worship is normally an ecumenical service and most likely will be held at Lord of the Lakes this year.
  • The first Sunday in Advent is December 3 and Christmas Eve is on a Sunday with Christmas Day on Monday. Scheduling of worship services will be forthcoming in the future.

A “Thank You” was expressed to our chairperson, Pam Ulness, for planning and organizing Pastor Kevin’s Appreciation Sunday—great job, Pam!

The next meeting of the Worship Team is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th, 6:30 p.m.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted, Margaret Kohl, Recorder