Lord of the Lakes Church, Buildings & Grounds Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2016

Neil opened meeting at 6:33 P.M.    The following were present: Neil Bjornstad, Dennis Cartwright, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow, Tom Zillges & Betts Nikolai

Maintenance Tasks

  • 3 Year Fire System Inspection…. This has not been done… Neil to check with Gary to see what this entails. Need to find out what the difference is between the Yearly, 3 year & 5 Year inspections.
  • July Furnace Filters were not replaced. Spot check…. Next due in October.
  • Window ledges & door frames cleaned at Spring Cleaning.

New Business / Tasks to be completed : 

  • Betts to talk to Darlene on table that needs to be repaired.
  • Betts to talk to Pastor Kevin in regard to Maintenance Employee.
  • Tom did get estimates for Parking Lot Maintenance. Neil will get Quotes to Pastor/Council.

Old Business / Tasks to be completed

  • Water Well Cap was replaced by Kascade Plumbing in August. Winnebago County Well Inspector was made aware of this.
  • Neil to contact John B. in regard to parts that are from the old HVAC System to see if they are usable. Also to check on Roof Exhauster & Control System Equipment Inspection. He will find out where the roof exhauster is and what John looks for.
  • Betts to talk to Kate on Kitchen Faucets.
  •  Neil to check with Kascade Plumbing New Screen for Grease Pit

HVAC Project:

  • Terry Korus is working with someone on updating the system on the computer. Once they have everything updated he will then look for 2-3 people to be trained on it.

Steeple Lights:

  • Steeple lights were installed in June. We also were able to get a rebate!!  Thank You Daryl for overseeing this project!!


  • The consensus of the group is to let lawn be. Re-evaluate in the Spring and maybe at that time spray or apply Weed & Feed.

Inventory Sheets:

  • Betts still working on.


Next B & G Meeting is  Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 7:23 P.M.

Meeting Minutes respectively submitted by Betts Nikolai