March 12, 2019
PRESENT: Neil Bjornstad, Warren Winter, Daryl Ramlow, Dennis Cartwright, Betts Nikolai, Tim White, Jan Olson
Neil opened at 6 :40 and we worked off the agenda.

MONTHLY TASKS: 1). Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspection: done on March 4th w Warren in attendance. Done by USA Fire Protection – quarterly takes about 20 min.; annual takes about 1 hour.
In conjunction with that, Tim reported we had a compressor problem again in early Feb. It was cycling about every 5 minutes, US Fire was called and supposedly fixed it and next time Tim checked it, it was worse as in cycling about every 3 minutes. They were called back and this technician found a significant leak in the pipes in our entryway and he replaced about 2 1/2 feet of pipes on 2/14. Thankfully, nothing had froze in the very cold weather! Compressor now working fine and US Fire billing us for two trips out but one service call.
2). Carpet Cleaning: no needs reported.
3). Ceiling Vents Cleaning: not done yet. Lower ones that can be reached should be done when we get Maintenance person on board. Higher ones likely will need to wait till a time when we have a lift in for lights.
4). Backflow Preventer Test: done in February

PROJECTS: 1). Emergency Lighting: batteries have all been replaced. This is a function that has been added to the Annual Duties list for Maintenance person. The lighting unit at the east service entrance door needs to be replaced as it blinks on and off frequently. A new unit is downstairs in the Maintenance ‘office’.
2). East Door Replacement: Council has approved; contract will be signed by Geoff or Gail and sent to LaForce for scheduling. Likely will be done as weather turns warmer. With reuse of present door – it needs to be sanded and repainted and we will get someone from the B&G or church to do that prior to doing project.
3). Painting Hallways: Ray has had health problems and been unable to do it – Betts will talk with him to see his projection of timing.
4). Inside Message Board: put on hold by Council due to lower than projected income. Neil will save paperwork and quotes for a later time if/when it is decided to do it.
5). Parking Lot Sealcoating: Council has approved; quote to go to Geoff or Gail for signature and returned to Valley Sealcoating so they can put Lord of Lakes on their schedule.

NEW BUSINESS: 1). Tim White had submitted his resignation early in February d/t job and family commitments. However, in the interim he has kept up with scheduled tasks and needed repairs. He is also willing to train and/or work with his replacement to bring that person up to speed. The group gave a huge thank you to Tim for his time and efforts on behalf of the church and our B&G group.
2). Hiring Maintenance Person: Through advertisements in Winneconne News and postings in our own bulletins and Newsletter we had 3 applicants. All 3 were interviewed by Neil and at least one other B&G member. All were given a job description, told the average is 5-7 hours per week, involves some climbing of ladders and physical labor, lifting, etc., need to have some availability during week days to do Fire Sprinkler Inspections, etc., may be called upon to help others on B&G with a project, need to attend B&G meetings Sept. through May.
Neil briefed the group on the 3 candidates and the group voted to extend the job offer to Jon Fenrich. He lives in the neighborhood, is a recent retiree from a long employment with the Oshkosh Fire Dept., has the ability to be flexible re: his timing, has another part time job in Neenah where he is also able to be very flexible, seems very knowledgeable on mechanics, fire systems, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS: 1) Question was asked about purchase of a lighter weight ladder – Dennis will research and purchase a 24 Ft or greater fiberglass ladder. The present aluminum longer ladder will be kept in case of need but it is very heavy to handle.
2). Salt for the water softener down to 6 bags, which is our trigger point to re-order. Tim will order more thru Larsen Coop.
3). Heating: Sanctuary Heat seems to have been resolved: presently set for 66 degrees at the lowest and 72 degrees at highest and varying times around services, etc. It has been reported that cold air is blowing into
Classroom 1A and 1B. Tim will check that out.
4). Sprinkler System Access area in the entryway needs to have a more permanent door over it. Warren will look at doing that with plywood or plexiglass.
5). Sanctuary Blind cord was broken – Tim able to fix with parts that we had kept from other blind systems.
6). Sanctuary Floor tiles are separating again where the concrete underneath is seamed. Will keep an eye on it. Al Rosendahl (original installer of it) had looked at it last year and it is from the expansion of the concrete in cold weather. Per his advice of a year ago, our cleaning person is reminded to not use much water in cleaning that area.

FUTURE PROJECTS: 1). Pr Kevin and Goeff had requested to have another HDMI cable run to our projector in the Sanctuary in order to increase resolution. Daryl attempted to do so but the conduit is too narrow to accept a 3rd cable. He told the requestors that if done, a cable would need to be strung on the outside along a ceiling beam. He suggested to them a way of putting a smaller wiring on just to test the system to see if it actually does what they are looking for prior to doing this. Neil mentioned there are now ways of doing this wirelessly but likely costly and would need to research to see if our computer and projector are compatible with a wireless system.
2) Picnic Table for south Patio: Neil to get parts and they will have a ‘table building’ session in Spring and when the snow and ice are off the patio.
3) Spring Cleaning Date: Betts will look at the church calendar, then email potential dates between mid-April to mid-May to B&G members and we will set a date when the majority can attend.

NEXT MEETING: April 9th at 6:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm. Respectfully submitted, Jan Olson