BUILDING & GROUNDS – December 11, 2018


PRESENT:  Neil Bjornstad, Tim White, Dennis Cartwright, Lou Zwicky, Warren Winter, Tom Zillges, Jan Olson

Neil opened meeting with UPDATE OF MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE with following changes:

Backflow Preventer Test:  Per Warren, done late last year – will put it in March 2019

Quarterly Fire System Test:  was done on Dec. 4, 2018

Floor Waxing of Sanctuary:  will move to summer, 2019



Emergency Lighting/Battery status & install:  Turns out best price/quantity is ordering thru Amazon.  Tim has done this and awaiting arrival; will then install.


Water softener salt re-supply:  Thank you Betts for creating a chart to track usage, which is now down with the supply.  It is thought we go thru approximately 2 bags/month.  The group set the re-order trigger at an inventory of 6 bags.  Orders come from Larsen Coop.


Painting Hallways:  Ray Zegers still planning on doing, is procuring paint; no date set.


Electrical Compliance Issues:  Daryl continues to work on it; exhaust fan in kitchen now working.


East Door Repair/Replacement:  All quotes reuse present exit closure and door knob:

Luecks:  $3800

LaForce:  $3198

Block Iron:  $1252 (does not include labor costs)

Albright:  $3,480 (would reuse present door which needs repainting; if adding new door would be $4000)

Tim will ask Block Iron for a quote on labor as well as check the possibility of reusing our present door with LaForce and see what their cost is then.  Recommend lowest quote which will likely be LaForce.  If unable to accomplish further research in the next week when Council meets, they can present to Council at January mtg.  This needs Council approval as it is over $500.

In a side note:  while Albright was there doing the quote, they fixed the front inside door, without cost to Lord of the Lakes.


PROJECT UPDATE:  Inside Message Board:  Neil is continuing to FU on it.  Looking at using computer that drives the HVAC System.


Patio:  Dennis presented options and cost of signage ($600 for a 12×12) re: donation of cost, parties involved, etc.  It could go on the side of the building.  Suggestion made to have two benches built, one on each side and have the sign on the bench.  Question was asked re: who donated materials and did the labor on the concrete – Bomanite of Wisconsin, owned by Matt Bastian, value of $2000.  Decision to put on April agenda to discuss seeding and matting around patio, benches, and options on picnic tables.


OTHER:  The number of the person who took care of trapping muskrats at our lake is no longer in service.  Tom will check with the person who traps at Zillges Co.


NEW BUSINESS:   Needs vs Wishes List by members present:

Needs:  Parking Lot repaving as already planned

24 Ft aluminum, 2 step extension ladder

Tools:  cordless set, drill, circular saw, light


Annual Maintenance Agreement on all 6 furnaces to include 2 recently repaired Air Handlers


Wishes:  Automated Towel Dispensers in both bathrooms

HVAC Replacement Fund

Investigate possibility of removing/selling commercial dishwasher and installing a household dishwasher

Sun covering over patio (Sun Sail, Umbrellas, Pergola, etc.)


NEXT MEETING:  January 8, 2019 at 6:30 pm.


Meeting closed at 7:50 pm.                   Recorder, Jan Olson