The meeting was called to order and opened with a prayer by Pastor Kevin.

In Attendance:  Dana Hartel, Pastor Kevin Heffernan, Margaret Kohl, Mary Mueller, Ellen Smolinski, Lani Stanek, Pam Ulness.

The following agenda items for the autumn and winter seasons were discussed:

Rally Day – Sunday, Sept. 10:

  • There will be an introduction/recognition of Sunday School teachers at the worship services.
  • Children will become acquainted with their S.S. rooms and teachers.
  • A special treat for the children will be decided upon after discussion with the S.S. staff.
  • Since it is also Super Sunday, it was suggested people be invited to bring cans of soup for the Winneconne Food Pantry.

Dedication of Quilts for Lutheran World Relief- Sunday, Sept. 24:

  • Quilts will be on display this Sunday.
  • The “Busy Hands” ladies will be recognized at the worship services.
  • Pam Ulness and Marge Kohl will research the possibility of an available video from the Evangelical Lutheran Church Women (ELCW) regarding the history and use of the quilts.

Fall Fundraiser – Saturday, Oct. 21:

  • Pastor Kevin mentioned that a Fall Fund-raiser is being planned by another committee with food, raffle baskets, and other raffle items.

Celebration of 500th Anniversary of the Reformation – Sunday, Oct. 29:

  • A skit on the Reformation will be presented at the worship services.
  • It was suggested that a similar copy of the “95 Theses” be posted on outside entry door of the church that Sunday. Pastor Kevin mentioned that Tammie Voelkel-Fox may be able to assist with this suggestion.
  • “Fifty Things We May Not Know about Martin Luther” could possibly be posted in The Newsletter or the Sunday bulletins.
  • Pam Ulness volunteered to check with the East Central Synod office about the availability of reference books, videos, or movies regarding Martin Luther.

Thanksgiving Service – Tuesday, Nov. 21:

  • The ecumenical worship service will be held at Lord of the Lakes this year.
  • Suggestion was made to make special notes, ask people to list things they are thankful for and place in a basket on the altar or tie to a special tree.
  • A reception with cookies/bars and coffee may be planned after the service.

Decorating for Christmas – Tuesday, Nov. 28:

  • Decorating the church for Christmas is scheduled for Nov. 28 and Pastor Kevin asked team members to think about a theme or ideas for decorating.  Bring these ideas to the next meeting.

Advent begins Sunday, Dec. 3:

  • Special Wednesday evening services are being planned.

Other Issues Discussed:

  • It was agreed upon favorably to have a familiar and spiritually-invigorating hymn at the opening of our worship services. Since Jody Kell was not in attendance, Pastor Kevin will discuss this subject with her.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed with prayer by Pastor Kevin.  The next meeting of the Worship Team is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7, 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Margaret Kohl, Recording Secretary